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Real Estate and Property File Management

Ready to get rid of all that paper?

The real estate industry moves fast. Get the tools that make it easy to stay on top. DynaFile’s online filing software lets real estate, title and property management professionals go paperless fast. Since your files are in the cloud, it's easy to accelerate sales and collaborate more efficiently! Get instant access to the documents you need and securely share files with the office, agents, lenders and more - no matter if you're in the field or at your desk. 

Too much paper lying around? No problem! Powerful scanning automation tools allow for quick backfile conversion and easy management of additional paperwork going forward. DynaFile is designed to manage large documents so there's never a delay when accessing a thick file later on.

Seamless integrations let you close deals in minutes. Online forms, digital workflows and esignatures replace pen-and-paper workflows. Now you can get leases, real estate contracts, deeds, title transfers and more signed with just a few clicks. Best of all, once your workflow is complete, all signed documents are automatically filed in the correct location inside of DynaFile. Want to see how it works?

Accelerate Real Estate Sales

Go paperless to get purchase and rental agreements completed, signed and returned to you faster than ever before.

Do deals in minutes instead of days! Integrations with DocuSign, signNow, JotForm, PandaDoc, and Adobe Sign provide your admin team with online forms, digital workflows and esignatures. Now purchase and rental agreements can be completed and signed completely electronically. Say goodbye to copying, scanning and reprinting large, multipage documents. Instead, simply send over a digital copy of your agreement. Buyers and renters can complete and legally sign all documentation online so you can do business from anywhere. Included workflow features give you full control over the routing of your documents and allow you to track their status through each step along the way. Best of all, completed agreements and other digitally signed forms and documentation are automatically filed within DynaFile once your workflow is finished.

Electronic Signatures for Real Estate
Tenant and Property File Managment Software

Manage Property Files More Efficiently

Cloud file storage gives you instant, secure access to your documents from the road.

Get instant access! DynaFile’s secure cloud storage keeps your documents organized and accessible from anywhere, at any time. You no longer have to wait for a fax from the corporate office or waste time running back to your desk to get the information you need. With DynaFile, your tenant, client and property files are at your fingertips 24x7 – no matter where you are. Rich security controls allow you to lock down specific files or just sections of folders to ensure authorized team members only see the information they’re supposed to. Plus, you can easily share sales agreements, leases and more with your clients, tenants and partners without printing a single sheet.

Streamline Mortgage & Title Processing

Move to an electronic filing system to manage, share and collaborate on massive files easier.

Go digital! Loan packets often exceed hundreds of pages. It can be challenging finding an effective way to manage these massive files, but with DynaFile, it’s simple and intuitive. Our indexed filing system keeps your documents highly organized so you’ll never have to worry about missing information. Search for files by status, client, lender or any other custom identifier to bring up the documents you need instantly. No printing necessary. Sharing sensitive material like appraisals and credit reports is easy too! Use encrypted document links to safely share sensitive files online. Or, create a virtual data room to share a number of files between your team members. Access permissions give you complete control over which users can access which files in your cabinet.

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Scanning Automation System

Handle Paper With Ease

Hybrid filing lets you take your workflow digital, while still being able to easily manage the inevitable paper coming in.

Stay flexible! You can only go as paperless as the people you do business with. Some clients prefer to do things the “old fashioned way” and some organizations are not yet fully comfortable with doing business electronically. DynaFile gives you the power of flexibility to deal with any situation. Our hybrid filing solution lets you manage paper files as easily as electronic ones. Scanning automation tools can be used to convert massive paper files to electronic format quickly and easily. By the time you walk back to your desk, the documents you need are already available for you to access from DynaFile.

DynaFile in Action

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