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Time to Do Away with Filing Cabinets and Legal Boxes?

Stay on top of expiration dates and organize your documents seamlessly.

At DynaFile, we want to help make your life easier. Our unique scanning automation tools enable you to convert your back-files quickly. Going forward, the system allows you to drag-and-drop or scan additional files directly and share specific contract files securely online with the individuals needing access. Furthermore, our system will enable you to track contracts and documents by expiration date, vendor/client, document type, or other custom identifiers. With DocuSign integration, you can now review and execute contracts instantly. Are you ready to streamline your legal department with ease?

The files you need are just a click away! DynaFile makes managing contracts and other documents in the legal department a breeze. An indexed filing system keeps sensitive files stored in a secure, highly organized environment so information is never lost. Documents can be added to the system from anywhere: paper, pdf, email, word documents, spreadsheets, pictures, audio files, etc. Cloud access means you can reach your documents 24×7 from anywhere, allowing your team to access and share files from different offices or on the road. When you need to retrieve a document, a simple search brings back what you’re looking for instantly.

Simplify document management in the legal department by bringing your files to the cloud.

DynaFile is designed to manage massive documents, so retrieving large contract files is never time-consuming. Pull up documents by your own custom identifiers like: status, vendor / client, document type, expiration date, etc. Files can also be cross-referenced by multiple taxonomies for a more refined search.

Manage Legal Files Easier
Secure Online Collaboration

Secure Online Collaboration

Cloud collaboration tools allow for page-level markup like redaction zones, highlights, sticky notes and more.

Collaborate from anywhere! DynaFile’s cloud collaboration features let you work together no matter where the rest of your team is located. Safely send files over the internet using encrypted links or create a virtual data room to share multiple documents with a group of users. Robust security tools give you complete control over exactly which documents each user can see in the system, as well as what they can do with them.

Shortcut to Electronic Files

Scanning automation allows for quick conversion of back files and easy management of incoming paper.

Ditch the legal boxes! DynaFile’s hybrid filing solution makes it easy to go paperless. Scanning automation tools can convert, upload and file your legal archive faster than you ever thought possible. Features like Barcode Recognition can actually split your case into its respective sections during scanning so there is no time wasted with repetitive naming and saving. Since you can only be as paperless as your partners and clients, DynaFile gives you the flexibility to work with paper documents just as easily as electronic files. Quickly add scanned documentation to an existing vendor or client file with Batch Processing. No matter what combination of file formats you’re working with, DynaFile has you covered.

Shortcut to Electronic Files
Contract Signed in Seconds

Contract Signed in Seconds

Seamless integrations allows you to get contracts signed in seconds instead of days.

Ditch the pen and paper! Integrations with DocuSign, PandaDoc, and Adobe Sign allow for online forms, electronic signatures and workflows. Send out forms for signature on the fly or create online templates for your internal contracts that can be modified and used time and time again. Design the routing and workflow that goes along with your internal approval process so your envelope can digitally route to all responsible parties. Receive contracts back in a fraction of the time by using digital forms and e-signatures. Contracts and documents sent out for signature can be automatically filed back in the client or vendor folder inside of DynaFile after they have been signed. 

Invaluable to Our Team

Having our employee files stored securely and electronically was invaluable to our team during the pandemic. It allowed us to access our files at any time and from any place without having to travel to a physical location to retrieve them.

– Aimee Frey | Director of HR, Technology & Analytics, Fisher & Phillips

Fisher Phillips Case Study

Fisher & Phillips
Case Study

Learn how one of the nation’s leading labor and employment law firms, Fisher Phillips, created paperless HR Filing workflows that transformed workplace efficiency with DynaFile.

DynaFile allowed us to transform

We began our DynaFile implementation a few weeks before COVID started.  We wouldn’t have been able to work as effectively as we did during the pandemic without having our employee files digitized.  DynaFile allowed us to transform not only how we work,
but where we work.

Karen Hall  |  Director of Human Resources, Fisher & Phillips

Thompson Hine LLP
Case Study

Learn how the innovation award-winning law firm Thompson Hine pioneered cloud-based document management with DynaFile.

Thompson Hine

Nothing but great things to say

I have nothing but great things to say about DynaFile.
Our implementation could not have gone any smoother. 
The site is set-up in a way that allows you to do anything imaginable.

Kevin Kendall,
Senior Human Resources Manager, Thompson Hine LLP

Thompson Hine Case Study

Robust Features

Powerful filing solutions tailored for your department and industry.

Scanning Automation

Scanning automation tools let you take an entire department paperless quickly and easily.

Cloud Collaboration

Cloud collaboration features let your team do business more efficiently from multiple office locations.

Cloud Storage

Bank-grade online file storage lets you access and manage your documents securely from anywhere at any time.

Digitize Filing & Focus on Growth

Unlock the Power of Digital HR Document Management.

Give time back to your team and let them enjoy the increased efficiency of a completely paperless employee file lifecycle. Schedule a tour today to learn how to streamline your document management strategy and set your organization up for success.