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Customer Success Stories

Fisher Phillips Case Study

Fisher & Phillips
Case Study

Learn how one of the nation’s leading labor and employment law firms, Fisher Phillips, created paperless HR Filing workflows that transformed workplace efficiency with DynaFile.

DynaFile allowed us to transform

We began our DynaFile implementation a few weeks before COVID started.  We wouldn’t have been able to work as effectively as we did during the pandemic without having our employee files digitized.  DynaFile allowed us to transform not only how we work,
but where we work.

Karen Hall  |  Director of Human Resources, Fisher & Phillips

Thompson Hine LLP
Case Study

Learn how the innovation award-winning law firm Thompson Hine pioneered cloud-based document management with DynaFile.

Thompson Hine

Nothing but great things to say

I have nothing but great things to say about DynaFile.
Our implementation could not have gone any smoother. 
The site is set-up in a way that allows you to do anything imaginable.

Kevin Kendall,
Senior Human Resources Manager, Thompson Hine LLP

Thompson Hine Case Study
Paul Mitchell Schools Case Study

Paul Mitchell School
Case Study

Read the case study and learn how DynaFile’s robust document management features created a smoother admissions process and created a 100% increase in efficiency.

Paul Mitchell School

Love love love DynaFile

DynaFile has made filing so much easier. Its so nice to have everything at your desktop. Love love love DynaFile.

Jackie Cooper | Director, Paul Mitchell School, Norman, OK

San Diego Zoo
Case Study

San Diego Zoo streamlines HR processes when DynaFile & DocuSign team up to create a paperless onboarding workflow to boost efficiency and cut costs.

It’s Quick, Secure and Easy

We can send out all of our onboarding paperwork online through DocuSign, have new-hires fill it out through DocuSign, have it sent back to us, and after it is approved, it’s archived in DynaFile’s storage cloud. With DynaFile’s segmented access controls we can now give Payroll access to just the documents they need. It’s quick, secure, easy — anyone can do it.
On paper alone, the cost savings is in the thousands and possibly the hundreds of thousands when all is said and done.

Laura M. | Director of Human Resources, San Diego Zoo

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Biotelemetry Case Study

Case Study

Dive into this insightful case study to discover how BioTelemetry, a global leader in remote monitoring technology, conquered its HR challenges with DynaFile’s robust document management system. Learn how they transformed their inefficient file management into a streamlined, secure system that not only enhanced their operational efficiency but also paved the way for substantial growth amidst the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether you’re facing similar obstacles or looking to optimize your own HR processes, this case study offers valuable lessons on leveraging technology for impactful results.

5 Times Faster

Using DynaFile is 5 times faster than our previous mess of a filing system…It’s been really great.

Jill Purcell | HR Analyst, BioTelemetry

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