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Does Your Organization Need to Simplify File Management?

Are you tired of managing a mountain of paperwork to onboard new staff?

DynaFile’s cutting-edge document management system streamlines your accounting department and enables effortless tracking of accounts payable and accounts receivable documents. By electronically storing and organizing all your paper files, DynaFile’s scan-to-cloud solution offers quick access to crucial documentation, including email attachments, website content, and additional systems. Our secure cloud platform ensures that your documents are always accessible, letting your team collaborate seamlessly with stakeholders and enabling streamlined workflows. Admins can fine-tune user access, dictating who can view certain documents and file audit reports to provide a comprehensive view of your digital filing cabinet. Want to witness the unparalleled capabilities of DynaFile?

Take Your Office Paperless

Powerful scanning automation tools let you take a shortcut to electronic files.

Go paperless fast! Barcode Recognition lets you convert paper files to electronic format quicker than ever. Just slip in a few barcode cover sheets to break your folder into sections and scan the whole packet simultaneously! Additional paper to the system going forward is simple too. Use Batch Processing to scan in a stack of unrelated paperwork and organize it on your computer screen. With just a few of clicks you can index a large scan into many unique documents to be filed away in the correct location for you automatically. 

Take Your Office Paperless
Retrieve Documents Instantly

Retrieve Documents Instantly

With a simple index search, your documents are at your fingertips with a few clicks.

No more overflowing filing cabinets! Gone are the days of wading through stuffed manila folders and disorganized file shares. DynaFile’s different. Every document you add to the system is indexed. This allows DynaFile to save your documents in the correct location automatically and gives your teams the power to find files in seconds. Search for documents based on indexes designed specifically for your office’s needs. For example, an HR department might like their documents indexed by: Employee Name, ID, Status, Office Location, Department, Document Type, Expiration Date, etc. You can pull up files by any of these categories or any combination to bring back just the documents you’re interested in seeing.

Add Files From Anywhere

Bringing documents into the system is easy, no matter what format they’re in.

Keep business moving! It doesn’t matter where your documents are generated. It’s always easy to get them into your DynaFile system! Powerful scan-to-cloud tools help you convert back files fast and manage additional paper coming across your desk over time. DynaFile’s not just for your paper files, though. The Drag & Drop Drive lets you bring electronic documents into the system with one swift motion. There’s never a need to print, copy or scan. You can save files directly into DynaFile from any application you’re working in or “virtually print” them into the system. This can be an easy way to bring files into DynaFile from other applications or systems that don’t offer a simple way to “save”.

Add Files From Anywhere
Segmented Access Rules

Segmented Access Rules

Your admins have complete control over access rules for different roles and types of documents.

Keep your files secure! One of the tough things about working with paper files is that, often times you need redundant folders to ensure certain information is secure and only accessible by authorized individuals. DynaFile changes all of that. Since all of your documents are indexed, it becomes easy to consolidate while maintaining a high level of security and compliance around restricted documents. Design access rules for different types of documents in the system, for different roles within the organization and for different levels of permissions. You can even pick specific documents and folders to make available to a user. This can be very handy for making requested documents available to external auditors, attorneys, etc.

Seamless Integrations

Get the power of online forms, e-signatures and digital workflows.

Say goodbye to pen and paper! One of the toughest bottlenecks in business is waiting for a signature. It can take forever – no matter whether it’s a sale, an approval or simply just part of the procedure. Integrations with DocuSign, PandaDoc, and Adobe Sign provide your admin team with online forms, digital workflows and e-signatures. Now pen and paper processes can be replaced with a completely electronic workflow. Create online templates for all of your forms so getting them ready to send out takes only a couple of clicks. Design the workflows and routing that goes along with the signing process to include as many individuals as you need. The recipients can review, fill out and legally sign everything online. Once the workflow is finished, all completed and signed forms are automatically filed in the correct location back inside of DyanFile.

Seamless Integrations
File Audit Reports

File Audit Reports

Ensure all of your folders are up-to-date with all required documents.

Don’t sweat it! Stressful file audits are a thing of the past. Your team no longer has to sift through folder after folder to ensure you have full, accurate records. DynaFile gives you the power to ensure all your folders are up-to-date with all required documents. Custom audit reports can be created from your own specific business rules. DynaFile can report on required documents and files coming up for renewal. Utilize expiration dates to track when documents need to be updated and then easily view a report of that information from your browser.

Sync with Existing Systems

Sync your existing systems to update data in DynaFile automatically.

No need for redundant updates! Many times data about our documents resides in multiple systems. With DynaFile, there’s no need to update that data twice. Just use DynaSync to automatically update data in DynaFile when changes are made in your existing system. For example, an HR department may like their files indexed by: Employee Name, Status, Office Location, etc. DynaFile can sync with your HRIS to automatically make updates for name changes when staff get married, status when employees are terminated or office location after a move. DynaFile can sync with most systems that can export a simple “flat file” feed.

Sync with Existing Systems

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Powerful filing solutions tailored for your department and industry.

Scanning Automation

Scanning automation tools let you take an entire department paperless quickly and easily.

Cloud Collaboration

Cloud collaboration features let your team do business more efficiently from multiple office locations.

Cloud Storage

Bank-grade online file storage lets you access and manage your documents securely from anywhere at any time.

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