Batch Prossesing

Scan a batch of unrelated documents into the system and then organize them from your web browser with Dynafiles automated batch processing.

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Go Paperless & Stay Paperless With Automated Batch Processing

A completely paperless filing system is closer than you think when using automated batch processing.

Once your office goes paperless, there is still the challenge of managing the miscellaneous paper coming in from staff, clients, vendors, partners and the like. DynaFile’s hybrid filing solution allows you to easily deal with the paperwork coming in from external sources while effectively managing all of your files electronically. Automated batch processing is a scanning automation method used to convert a stack of unrelated documents to electronic format quickly using hot keys and a browser-based interface.

Bulk Import Saving With Automated Batch Processing

Automated batch processing is a great way to convert a large amount of paper files to electronic format quickly and easily.

When you have a stack of unrelated paper documents that you want to get into DynaFile, Automated batch processing lets you scan, index and file them with ease. Simply scan the entire stack of papers into the system. From there you can quickly index and file your documents from a browser-based interface.

Bulk Import using automated batch processing saves paper at printer.
Using automated batch processing makes On-Screen Organization enjoyable.

Automated batch processing helps with On-Screen Organization.

Automated batch processing lets you index documents for filing directly from your web browser.

Unlike barcode recognition where cover sheets are used to index your files before scanning, Automated batch processing allows you to do the indexing on screen after scanning. DynaFile’s simple interface and fast processing makes splitting a scanned packet into individual documents effortless.

Quick Indexing using automated batch processing

Use hotkey shortcuts to combine, break apart, and index documents extremely quickly.

To make document indexing even faster, DynaFile users can utilize hot key shortcuts when processing scan batches. By removing the mouse from the equation, you can split files apart, combine and rotate pages, and index documents in a fraction of the time.

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Smooth and Quick Without Any Headaches

Scanning in the initial backlog of documents was made much easier with the tools that DynaFile offers and going forward with the DocuSign integration we have been able to scale this system from our original 2 hospital and multi clinic setup with around 1500 associates into our current 3 hospital and several clinics set up with over 2250 associates with the new all electronic workflow they helped us to develop.

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