Going Paperless with Scan to Cloud Filing

Scan to cloud filing is making the transition to the paperless office easier than ever. Here’s how.

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Changing how your business operates may seem like a scary decision to make, but you’ll know when change is necessary. When filing cabinets start to become disorganized and finding important files starts becoming a frustrating experience, its time to consider going digital. Scan to cloud filing is a practical way to take an entire department paperless quickly and easily. By utilizing scanning automation tools that are designed to work directly with a cloud filing system, converting paper files to electronic format turns out to be a simple process. Here are three ways scan to cloud filing is becoming popular in offices around the country. 

Scanning Methods for Different Situations

The typical process for scanning and filing documents is pretty clunky. You have to scan each individual document to your desktop, find the file, name it appropriately, find the appropriate folder to save it in and add the file to the folder. Thankfully, scanning automation allows you to skip many of these steps. Here a couple of examples of scanning automation methods and how they are typically used to convert paper files and get them in to a scan to cloud filing system.

Convert Existing Files Fast

When you’re dealing with a large number of documents for a specific entity, it would be a huge time-saver to be able to convert their entire folder into electronic format at once. That specific entity may be a Client, Employee, Vendor, etc. Barcode Recognition will allow you to get an entire folder into your scan to cloud system in one simple process. Simply slide in reusable barcode cover sheets to split the folder down in to its various different sections. When the entire folder is scanned at once, the barcodes on these cover sheets will tell your scan to cloud filing software how to categorize the documents in each section. The system will then automatically file your documents in the correct location for you. This process is only useful for a large number of documents for a specific entity. Our next scan to cloud feature is more useful for miscellaneous documents.

Add Miscellaneous Files With Ease

Once your initial back-file conversion process is finished, you may still have a need to get miscellaneous paper into your scan to cloud filing software. In any given week, it is very common to have a stack of documents where each relates to a different client, employee, vendor, etc. In this situation, using barcode cover sheets is not the easiest way to scan these files into your system. Instead, Batch Processing allows you to scan a stack of unrelated paperwork into your filing system and split that batch of pages down into individual documents from your computer screen. Simply select the pages that belong to each document, select or enter the name of the entity and the type of document you’re adding to the system. Your scan to cloud filing software will automatically file all of your newly categorized documents into the correct location for you automatically. 

Manage Files Easier In Digital Format

With a cloud filing system, your files are stored electronically by certain categories. These categories vary depending on what types of documents will be stored and for what purpose the system will be used for. Common categories, however, are things like Entity Name, Document Type and Expiration Date. The values entered into these categories allow the system to file your documents in the correct location automatically. You can then search for documents based upon any of the information in these categories. This makes it very easy to pull up all documents for a specific client, employee or vendor, for example; or pull up all Contracts that Expire in the 60 days. With scan to cloud filing, just a couple of clicks can bring back the documents you’re looking for. 

Control Access to Files Automatically

With a scan to cloud filing software, you can control access to files based upon any of the categories set up in your system. For example, you can specify that only certain people within your organization can view “Contract” documents; or that only certain people can view documents related to a specific Vendor or Client. This makes controlling access extremely simple because you do not have to go in and manually select individual documents to make available to staff. Simply create the access rules that should apply to them and that rule will carry over for new documents added to the system as well so there is no need to update. You can of course manually select documents to make available as well, but this is more commonly used for people working outside the organization that are requesting specific information from your filing cabinet.

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If you are considering taking your office paperless, contact us today at DynaFile. Our scan to cloud filing software has been helping companies make a smooth transition from paper to electronic filing for over 15 years. Scanning automation features work directly with our cloud filing system to allow for a quick and easy conversion process. From there, instant document retrieval, in-depth file management and robust access controls make storing and managing files easier than ever. Contact us today for a free demo!