Secure File Sharing

Share business documents safely online with a variety of cloud secure file sharing methods.

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Do Away with Bulky Email Attachments using cloud secure file sharing

The key to effective collaboration is sharing documents securely with your team members.
Unfortunately, emailing documents as an attachment can cause problems for your business. Bulky email attachments clog up inboxes and are not a secure information transmission method. That’s why DynaFile lets you share files with your team securely. Send a secure link to your document, efax it directly from your online filing cabinet, or create a virtual data room to share information with a group.

Document links let you send a secure path to a file without the need for oversized email attachments.

DynaFile’s document links come in 2 flavors – public or private. A public link can be opened by anyone that has the unique url to your document. A private link requires that the viewer have a DynaFile username and password to view the file. Document links can also be set to expire after a certain number of days for time-sensitive information.

Document Links
Virtual Data Room

Virtual Data Room made safe with Dynafile’s cloud secure file sharing

Create a virtual data room or document portal to share specific information with a group of users.

DynaFile can be used to set up multiple data rooms in the cloud. This allows you to share specific information with specific users no matter where they’re located. You can select particular types of documents or choose individual documents to be available in your virtual data room. Only users that are part of the group you created can have access to these documents.


Fax documents directly from your online filing cabinet with efax.

DynaFile lets you send documents via electronic fax. No need to print something before faxing. Simply enter the recipient’s information and hit send. You can select specific pages of a document to send, add a cover page and include message with your fax.


A Good Fit

We were like… lightbulb moment! We could fix so many things with one product. We can securely transfer all of that information without having to send attachments through email. And it was a big win from the audit perspective as well. Our audit team was impressed… better than we could have expected and much more cost-efficient than having to implement an entire onboarding module within our HRIS system.

Jill P. | HR Analyst

Efficiency for All Teams

Powerful filing solutions tailored for your department and industry.


Human Resources

Give HR a shortcut to electronic personnel files with scanning automation, paperless onboarding, and cloud document management.



Move from paper to electronic student files to give time back to your admin teams and increase efficiency across the entire office.



Make a smooth transition from paper to electronic medical records to easily manage files and get patient forms completed digitally.

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