Version Control

Track changes and keep a record of every version of a document stored in the system.

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Track Files as They Evolve

In many areas of business, documentation is constantly evolving.

New policies are added, and content needs to be updated frequently. Keeping track of documents as they progress through their lifecycle can be challenging. DynaFile includes a complete version history of every document added to the system. You can update files, select which variant should be displayed as current, and track changes. DynaFile will keep a list of all versions of your documents.

Version Tracking

Update files as new versions to keep a record of changes throughout a document’s lifecycle.

As files get updated, keeping a history of changes is an important part of compliant documentation. DynaFile keeps a complete version history of all documents stored in the system. This way you can instantly compare current content with legacy versions.

Version Tracking
Version Comments

Restore Version

Easily roll back to previous versions of a document to have it appear as the default version in your online filing cabinet.

Unfortunately, new content is not always the best content. For this reason, sometimes you need to revert back to an older version of a document. DynaFile lets you easily select which version you want to designate as “current”. The current version will be displayed when documents are displayed in your online filing cabinet.

This System is Very User Friendly

It has helped our company tremendously with digital filing and record keeping.

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