Don’t be Scared to Make the Move to a Paperless HR Department

When HR manages employee files on paper, moving to an electronic filing system can seem scary. But it doesn’t have to be!

Fear not, HR teams! Transitioning from paper files to an electronic system is a breeze with DynaFile. Boost efficiency with automated paper file conversion, seamless cloud onboarding, and robust audit tools. Embark on a secure, paperless journey for your HR department and see tangible results in just 30 days. Curious? Schedule a free demo and witness the transformation!

Making the switch from paper to electronic employee files doesn’t have to a frightening experience. There are paperless HR solutions available now that make it easy to transition from filing cabinets to a true electronic filing system. Best of all, these systems aren’t just an interim solution – they provide robust file management and online workflows to ensure your files stay paperless going forward.

Automate Paper Employee File Conversion

Paperless HR solutions should include an easy way for your team to automate the conversion of your existing paper files. A popular method here is Barcode Recognition. Re-usable barcoded cover sheets are slipped in front of each folder section to identify them before scanning. You can then scan the entire folder to the cloud at once. The system will know where to automatically file everything inside from your barcode sheets. 

Going forward, you can also scan a stack of paper for different employees directly to the cloud (skip the barcode sheets). You can then break the scan down into separate documents for different employees from your screen.

Onboarding and Other Forms in the Cloud

Some paperless HR systems can connect to onboarding solutions. This opens up an entirely new level of efficiency. New hires can review, fill out, and legally sign all of their onboarding forms online. Once completed, they are automatically filed in the employee’s electronic folder. 

The same process is extremely useful for forms that might be outside the onboarding process, too, like policy acknowledgements or renewals on earlier forms. Either way, there’s no need for paper forms anymore. 

Built-In Disaster Recovery and File Audits

One of the advantages of a paperless HR system is that it is often-times compliant right out of the box. Built-in disaster recovery and file audit tools are a few of the big ones. These types of systems should be designed with security features like real-time, redundant backups that allow for uninterrupted access to your files. 

Since file audits are so common for Human Resources professionals, audit reports should be available to your staff as well. These automatically keep track of required and expiring / renewable documents in employee folders to ensure everyone is up-to-date in the event of an audit. 

Taking HR Paperless In 30 Days

If you’re interested in taking the Human Resources department paperless, don’t be scared! DynaFile has been helping companies go paperless to boost efficiency for over 15 years. Our paperless HR solutions makes it easy to automate the conversion of your paper files, replace pen-and-paper with workflows in the cloud, and control employee files long-term with powerful document management tools.

Contact us today for a free demo to see how your HR office can be paperless in 30 days!