Integrations & API

Seamless integrations for efficient workflows.

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Integrate with the Systems You Use Everyday to Create Efficient Workflows.

DynaFile offers two distinct integration methods: Data Integration (DynaSync) and Document Integration. From e-signatures and onboarding to HR and HRIS systems, DynaFile integrates with the tech you already have in place.

Prebuilt Document integrations exist for several systems to automatically publish documents to DynaFile.

IBM Kenexa
Oracle Taleo
Microsoft SQL Server
Adobe Sign

Custom Integrations

For systems without a pre-built connector,
DynaFile has a number of methods to allow the automatic import of documents. 
Our team is here to connect DynaFile to your systems.
Let us do the heavy lifting to help you streamline your work.

Document Publishing to DynaFile’s API

DynaFile’s RESTful API allows you to publish your documents securely, in real-time, with minimal code. 

Document Publishing from
a Vendor’s API

Our implementation team will determine the best configuration to seamlessly connect DynaFile to your trusted platforms with Webhooks, URI triggers, or flat file delivery via SFTP.

Document Publishing via an SFTP File Import

DynaFile has the capability to directly and automatically import documents that are delivered to DynaFile’s SFTP system, creating a seamless integration with your file import.

Other import methods (including hybrid versions of the above methods) exist, so if one of these options do not work for your needs, please let us know so that we can discuss other means of programmatically importing document into DynaFile.

Interested in Partnering with DynaFile?


At DynaFile, we are always interested in expanding the possibilities of what we can offer to our customers. We are constantly searching for collaborative opportunities, whether it’s through software integration or introducing innovative hardware products that provide genuine value to our clients. If you want to become a DynaFile partner, please contact us today.