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Move from paper to digital files fast with DynaFile’s electronic filing system for education.

Electronic filing system for education

Make the Digital Transformation & Go Paperless

Is your admin department still using a paper filing system?

Paper filing systems can cause your administrative department a great deal of frustration. With all that paperwork floating around, it becomes too easy for documents to get misfiled, lost, or generally inaccessible. DynaFile’s electronic filing system for education makes going paperless quick and easy. Scanning automation tools like barcode recognition lets you spend significantly less time converting paper employee files to electronic format. Once your back files are converted, batch processing features allow you to handle any additional paper coming into the department going forward. DynaFile’s hybrid filing solution lets you manage paper as easily as electronic documents.
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Convert Existing Files Fast

Scan-to-cloud tools like barcode recognition help automate the conversion process.

Automate it! Barcode Recognition converts your paper staff documents to electronic personnel files quicker than you ever thought possible. Reusable barcode cover sheets can be placed in front of each tab of your employee folder to split it into appropriate sections before scanning. Once assembled, the entire employee folder gets delivered to the system with the touch of a button. A new folder is created for that employee inside of DynaFile and all of their documentation is filed within it automatically according to your cover sheet breakdown.

The best part about Barcode Recognition is that it saves your team a ton of time in the initial conversion process but also gives them the flexibility to go back and split down large scans into smaller, individual documents at any time in the future with Batch Processing. This back-file conversion process is simple enough to bring in a temp, quick enough for a full-time employee, and standardized enough to outsource to a DynaFile scanning partner. There’s no longer a need to worry about file naming conventions or finding the appropriate folder to save scans in.

Convert Existing Files Fast
Managing Incoming Paperwork

Managing Incoming Paperwork

Batch processing lets you easily manage any additional paperwork moving forward.

Stay paperless! You can only be as paperless as your new hires and coworkers are. It is inevitable that even after implementing a paperless initiative, some employees will still deliver various forms or other documents to you in paper format. DynaFile makes it easy to add additional paper documents to employees’ electronic files on an ongoing basis so your team doesn’t have to deal with stacks of paper on their desks moving forward.

Batch Processing lets you scan a stack of unrelated paperwork for different employees into the system at once and then break that batch down into specific documents for unique staff members from your web browser. Enter which employee the document is for and what kind of document it is, and the system automatically files it away in the correct location.

Scanning Service Partners

DynaFile’s national scanning partners can help make your move to electronic personnel files quick and painless.

Skip the paper cuts! DynaFile works with third-party scanning companies to offer your organization options. If you don’t have staff available to tackle the process of converting your existing paper files, one of our national scanning partners is happy to help. Our partners are trained and certified to use DynaFile so you can be sure that your project is completed fast and with a high level of quality. Both on-site and off-site conversion options are available. Please contact the DynaFile sales team to connect with a DynaFile scanning service partner.

Scanning Service Partners

Easy to Use, Comprehensive Document Management Solution!

DynaFile is an easy to use, affordable and intuitive document management solution. Our company has gained efficiency through use of DynaFile to warehouse company documents and share documents with third parties.

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Robust Features

Powerful filing solutions tailored for your department and industry.

Scanning Automation

Scanning automation tools let you take an entire department paperless quickly and easily.

Cloud Collaboration

Cloud collaboration features let your team do business more efficiently from multiple office locations.

Cloud Storage

Bank-grade online file storage lets you access and manage your documents securely from anywhere at any time.

Elevate Your HR Employee & Student Record Filing

Unlock the Power of Digital HR Document Management.

DynaFile’s electronic filing system for education gives today’s workforce the flexibility and efficiency they need. Are you open to a brief call to learn how your team can benefit from our effortless and robust employee and student record management solution?