Frequently Asked Questions About DynaFile

Q: What is DynaFile?

A: DynaFile is your electronic filing solution for Human Resources departments, student files, real estate records and more. It streamlines document management in a secure file system. Now your team can have instant access to critical documents from anywhere, automate compliance, and save time by connecting with your current software solutions and systems.

Q: How does DynaFile work?


DynaFile uses custom indexes to create organized, searchable, and compliant files. DynaFile integrates with existing systems including:  HRIS/HCM, onboarding, and e-signature platforms to reduce manual filing. 

Scanning automation and batch upload tools make digitizing paper employee files or bringing in emailed documents extra fast. Long-term compliance tools keep everything secure with role-based access, audit tracking, and retention schedules.

Q: What are the benefits of using DynaFile?

A: DynaFile helps users save time, save space, and stay complaint by providing robust role-based access permissions, automated document tracking, and integrations with 3rd party applications.
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Q: Can DynaFile help with employee onboarding?

A: Yes! Enjoy a completely paperless onboarding solution with DynaFile. Connect with your current platform to automatically receive documents after onboarding. The DynaFile open API allows for integrations with electronic signature integrations like DocuSign, Adobe Sign, and PandaDoc, along with document integrations with other HR software solutions like Taleo, iCIMS, Workday, IBM Kenexa BrassRing, and SilkRoad.
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Q: Which file formats can I add to DynaFile?

A: Any type of file can be added to DynaFile, meaning PDF, Excel, PowerPoint, Word, JPG, email or text messages can all be added to DynaFile.

Q: Is DynaFile accessible remotely?

A: Yes! DynaFile is a cloud document management solution. Your team needs a web browser and internet access to view, add, or send copies of files – no matter where they are located, but access can also be restricted via IP Address whitelisting.

Q: What are some of DynaFile’s compliance features?

A: The DynaFile index makes it easy to keep employee files organized and instantly accessible. The solution allows for very granular, role-based access permissions so you have full control over exactly what your teams can see and do in the system. Robust reporting tools alert you to missing documents, items expiring soon, and older records that are ready to purge. DynaFile is a HIPAA-compliant and SOC 2 Type II certified global solution for managing employee files.

Q: Can DynaFile integrate with other software?

A: Yes! DynaFile can connect with your existing platform and future systems. Integrate with Workday, DocuSign, iCIMS, Taleo, and more to streamline your HR document management process. The DynaFile open API offers limitless integration options with other systems. For systems without a pre-built connector, as long as those systems provide a mechanism to programmatically export documents, DynaFile has a number of methods to allow the automatic import of documents.
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Q: How do I get my paper files into DynaFile?

A: Spend less time digitizing employee files and enjoy a paperless HR solution with DynaFile. Built-in scanning automation tools give you a shortcut through scanning in-house. Or work with a scanning partner, and we will import your documents to the cloud afterward.
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Q: How does DynaFile enhance collaboration among HR teams?

A: Give different teams secure access to the documents they need and keep sensitive files hidden for compliance. Team members can easily divide approval workflows and filing responsibilities for a streamlined process.
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Q: Can DynaFile assist with document version control?

A: Yes, DynaFile helps with document version control, ensuring that the most up-to-date versions of files are readily accessible.
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Q: What makes DynaFile secure?

A: The entire DynaFile platform is designed for secure document management. The solution is HIPAA compliant and SOC 2 Type II certified to be used globally in HR. Built-in comprehensive audit trail, permission matrixes, and configurable role-based access make managing the system easier. And, of course, single sign-on and multi-factor authentication are available at login.
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Q: What are some of DynaFile’s reporting options?

A: DynaFile’s robust reporting capabilities make it easy to keep compliant personnel files. Audit reports can automatically alert your team of missing documents in employee folders, items that will expire soon, and older records that are ready to purge. The solution helps automate compliance long-term with configurable rules to match your business process.  DynaFile also includes default reports like comprehensive audit trails, permission matrixes, and other activity logs for automated tracking of all actions performed in the system.
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Q: How long has DynaFile been in the industry?

A: HR departments have entrusted DynaFile to securely manage employee files for over 20 years.
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Q: Is there a limit on how many pages or documents I can add to DynaFile?

A: No, DynaFile is designed to handle millions of large documents across organizations with hundreds of thousands of employees.

Q: Is training provided?

A: Yes, DynaFile provides your team with a dedicated success manager for a personalized implementation and training process. Training can be recorded as a resource for new team members, and you can schedule additional sessions as needed. Continuous support is provided for all customers, and the DynaFile online support guide is always available for quick reference, how-tos, and demo videos.

Q: Does DynaFile offer data backup and recovery options?

A: Yes, all documents and data are redundantly backed up in DynaFile’s secure cloud across geographically distinct data centers. The included archive utility allows you to back up your files locally anytime.

Q: How does DynaFile help with HR audits?

A: The DynaFile index keeps personnel files organized and instantly accessible in the event of an audit. Audit reports ensure your employee folders are up-to-date with all required documentation. Use the built-in document links to securely share requested files with your auditor, no matter where they are located.
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Q: Is DynaFile configurable to fit our specific HR processes?

A: DynaFile offers a configurable index to drive how your employee files are managed. You can even synchronize data from your existing HRIS/HCM/payroll system to simplify how documents are controlled in DynaFile. User roles and permissions, along with document tracking and reporting, are all configurable to your requirements.

Q: How secure is the cloud storage used by DynaFile?

A: DynaFile utilizes robust security measures, including data encryption, regular security audits, and compliance with industry standards, to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of your data. DynaFile is a SOC 2 Type II certified, HIPAA/HITECH compliant solution.
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Q: Can DynaFile help with employee file retention?

A: Yes, help automate record retention with DynaFile’s reporting tools. Create detailed retention schedules to be alerted to older documents that are ready to purge.

Q: Can DynaFile integrate with our existing HR software?

A: Yes, DynaFile offers seamless integration with popular HR software systems, such as HRIS and HCM platforms, to centralize employee documents. For systems without a pre-built connector, as long as those systems provide a mechanism to programmatically export documents, DynaFile has a number of methods to allow the automatic import of documents.
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Q: Is training required to use DynaFile effectively?

A: Training is included through your dedicated DynaFile success manager at no additional charge but is not required. Most HR teams are comfortable using the solution after just a few sessions.

Q: Can DynaFile handle international HR compliance requirements?

A: Yes, DynaFile is designed for global HR document management. It is a HIPAA & GDPR compliant, SOC 2 Type II certified solution.
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Q: Does DynaFile offer multi-user access with different permission levels?

A: Yes, DynaFile ensures you have full control over what users can see and do in the system. Detailed role-based access allows you to set permissions for different teams and lock down access for sensitive documents. You can even use information from your HRIS/HCM/Payroll system to design permissions in DynaFile using your existing data.
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Q: How does DynaFile help us move to a paperless HR department?

A: DynaFile includes scanning automation tools to give you a shortcut through paper digitization. Quickly scan what’s in your file room now and easily manage the new paper you receive. Going forward, connect DynaFile to receive documents from other systems or just drag-and-drop as a simple way to add new files day to day.

Q: Is DynaFile scalable for future growth and expansion?

A: Yes, DynaFile is designed for organizations with hundreds of thousands of employees. The solution is easy to roll out with a phased approach across regions and scale as your team grows. Integrations with your systems allow for using existing data and the ability to automate filing to streamline the process as you expand your scope.