Cloud Filing System Keeps iCIMS and DocuSign Onboarding Forms Paperless

Stop printing after onboarding! Paperless onboarding solutions like iCIMS and DocuSign connect to HR electronic filing system DynaFile.

Experience unparalleled HR efficiency by connecting iCIMS and DocuSign with DynaFile's cloud filing system. Eliminate printing post-onboarding and embrace a true paperless workflow. Enjoy effortless file management, stress-free audits, and secure backups. Discover DynaFile's 15-year expertise in paperless HR solutions. Request a free demo now!

Traditional pen-and-paper workflows are going digital these days to give time back to the HR team.  One of the big ways Human Resources professionals have started to cut back on paper is by switching to an electronic onboarding process. 

Replacing paper with electronic onboarding solutions like iCIMS and DocuSign can significantly streamline the process for everyone involved.  But what happens afterwards, when all of the forms have been completed?  

It turns out that lots of companies are still printing new hire documents after e-signature and attempting to manage them as paper files.  Here’s how to skip the printer for easier file management in HR.

iCIMS and DocuSign Integration

Popular electronic onboarding solutions like iCIMS and DocuSign allow the HR team to get new hire forms completed electronically.  After signature, completed forms are automatically sent to DynaFile where they create the employee’s folder and file all of their documentation inside. 

There’s no longer a need to print, scan or fax after signature.

Hybrid Filing Solution

If eliminating paper is a goal for HR, a hybrid filing solution is key.  These filing systems include easy ways to add both paper and electronic files to employee folders on an ongoing basis.

Simply drag-and-drop electronic documents into employee folders going forward.  Or, scan miscellaneous paper directly to their file in the cloud. 

Lasting Benefits for HR

Switching to an electronic filing system and away from paper brings huge benefits to the HR team:

  • Audits become stress-free with automatic reports to show missing documents and upcoming renewals in staff folders.
  • Finding files is no longer a challenge with instant retrieval and segmented access controls for different roles.
  • Your files are safe from natural disasters and automatically backed up in real-time.

If you’d like to learn more about electronic filing for iCIMS and DocuSign, give us a call today. 

DynaFile is a cloud filing system that has been helping companies take HR paperless for over 15 years. 

Connect to iCIMS and DocuSign for a seamless electronic filing process across the entire department.  Contact us for a free demo below to see how it works.