Automate Employee Onboarding Workflows and Put HR into Overdrive with PandaDoc & DynaFile. 

e-signatures and Secure Employee Record Management: A Match Made in HR Heaven.

Unleash the power of digital HR management by automating employee onboarding with DynaFile & PandaDoc integration. Achieve paperless efficiency, enhance compliance, and streamline workflows for improved productivity. Join the HR revolution and schedule your demo today!

For HR departments, managing employee records and ensuring regulatory compliance has become increasingly daunting with a hybrid workforce. To make this process secure and efficient for businesses, DynaFile and PandaDoc have joined forces to provide a comprehensive digital filing solution, allowing HR departments to eliminate paper-based processes and streamline entire document workflows. The partnership will provide DynaFile users access to PandaDoc’s powerful document automation features, including customizable forms, proposals, contracts, and e-signatures. This powerful integration will give DynaFile customers a paperless end-to-end electronic employee onboarding solution, allowing them to automatically store and manage completed documents to transition into paperless onboarding easily. It will help simplify operations and provide numerous benefits that will boost productivity.  

Eliminate Paper-Based Employee Onboarding Processes
When HR departments use manual, paper-based processes, there’s potential for data breaches, costly errors, and a waste of resources. With DynaFile and PandaDoc’s partnership, paper-based processes can be entirely eliminated, freeing HR personnel from time-consuming documentation tasks. With a seamless “plug-and-play” integration, users can use PandaDoc to generate legally signed documents effortlessly, and from there, the completed documents are automatically filed in the employee’s folder in DynaFile, eliminating the need for manual document transfers. DynaFile’s robust document management tools provide users with an easy-to-use, cloud-based solution for storing, managing, tracking, and retrieving files. Now, new hires can review, complete, and legally sign all onboarding paperwork online before their first day on the job, streamlining HR and reducing stress on new employees. 

Improve Efficiencies and Boost Employee Record Compliance
The top priorities for HR executives and company owners are ensuring efficiency, reducing costs, and complying with regulations. The integration of DynaFile and PandaDoc addresses all these areas. With streamlined, automated HR workflows, HR professionals can work faster and more efficiently, reducing unnecessary costs and protecting confidential information. Data breaches and regulatory violations can be avoided with DynaFile’s strict security features and PandaDoc’s e-signatures capabilities. Custom audit reports ensure your employee folders are up-to-date with all required documents so your team is always prepared in the event of an audit. Best of all, you can give external auditors or attorneys view-only access to just the documents they’re requesting, no matter where they are.

Enhance Accessibility and Collaboration
One of the benefits of this integration partnership is the increased accessibility and collaboration across your HR team. With real-time access to HR files anytime, anywhere, team leaders and admins can efficiently collaborate and access the necessary employee data they require. Security features like segmented access rules let you keep one comprehensive file per employee without sacrificing compliance. You can assign your team members to access only the staff folders and types of documents they should be authorized to view, giving you precise control over what any user (or group of users) can do or see inside the system.

Automate HR Document Management Workflows
The integration between DynaFile and PandaDoc offers a robust HR document management solution. With a focus on security, efficiency, and compliance, this partnership eliminates paper-based processes and enhances accessibility and collaboration across HR teams. Streamlined workflows and improved efficiencies result in a seamless experience that empowers HR professionals to excel. Combining these two best-in-class products will revolutionize how HR departments manage and store employee documents, freeing HR professionals from manual documentation tasks.

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