4 Advantages of a Good Cloud Storage System for Employee Files

Not all cloud storage software is the same.  Choosing a solution that is designed for the complexities of managing employee documentation is key for keeping the HR department running smoothly.  

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A good cloud storage solution for personnel files should have a huge positive impact on your HR department, but finding the right product can be tricky.  Below are the 4 “must haves” that top our list of needs for great document storage software:

1: Increased Productivity

Good HR cloud storage software should make your work life run smoothly by giving you the tools you need to support not just the HR department, but the entire company.

Before investing in a new system, be sure to consider the ease of use.  With just a couple of clicks, you should be able to generate and send a report that lists employees missing a required document to the appropriate managers. You should be able to define retention rules that automatically move or delete outdated or irrelevant documents based on the parameters you set.

Your HR storage system should not require you to manually dig through employee file after employee file looking for a single document.  And, if you need to share that document, you should have the ability to do so from within the software itself (bonus points for built-in secure sharing options like an encrypted link to the document PDF).  A good system should make everyday tasks easier and save HR time long-term.

Finally, and most importantly, your cloud storage solution should include detailed, customized training and ongoing support for your HR team.  Nothing kills productivity faster than rolling out new tools without any proper support behind the launch.

2: User Transparency

The best HR file storage software allows detailed control over what any user (or group of users) can do or see inside the system.  And, for compliance, should automatically track both file access and actions performed in your system using a comprehensive audit trail.

The HR team is responsible for safeguarding employees’ private data, including protected health information (PHI) and personally identifiable information (PII).  This makes it extra important that your cloud storage system tracks “digital footprints” so you can see which documents any given user has viewed, downloaded, or shared.

A solid usage log also allows for more targeted training.  For example, if you notice an outdated version of your handbook is being uploaded to file system, you can work backwards to find the team member committing the error and correct the mistake directly.

3: Document Protection

Your new employee file cloud should prevent catastrophic loss by keeping documents safe from both physical destruction and accidental deletion.

A good HR document storage solution will include multiple levels of redundancy and a detailed disaster recovery plan for data center failure.  Look for cloud software that is SOC-2 Type-2 certified, HIPAA compliant.  

The vendor should should also be able to work with your IT team to meet your company’s compliance needs for things like password requirements and lockouts after attempted access.

In addition to protecting your team from malicious factors, it’s also important that your software helps when honest mistakes are made.  D id someone accidentally delete the wrong document?  Your software should report on which documents have been deleted and by whom.  And, there should be tools to help you restore those documents if necessary.

4: Flexible Configuration

The most helpful HR file storage software can be configured to support your team now, but also has the flexibility to change as your business needs grow.

No two HR departments are built exactly the same so be sure your file storage software has multiple options for scanning and uploading documents directly to the cloud.  Even companies with the same number of team members might have drastically different needs when it comes to scanning, uploading, and access requirements. 

HR should have the ability to configure the file storage system based on the types of documents being added, the team structure, and other priorities – without having to contact IT.

Your HR Cloud File Storage Solution

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