Paperless Employee Onboarding Eases Growing Pains for Businesses

Companies growing a fast rate put a heavy strain on their Human Resource departments. Paperless employee onboarding can help ease growing pains for thriving businesses.

Transform your HR processes with paperless employee onboarding. DynaFile offers quick conversion of existing files and a seamless onboarding experience. Empower HR with instant retrieval, secure sharing, and integrated e-signatures. Eliminate paperwork hassles and enhance efficiency. Explore DynaFile today!

Growth is a great thing for a company. A healthy, growing organization means more business; and more business means more revenue. When a company grows very quickly, however, they can run into certain snags. For one thing, the Human Resources department gets hit hard. A lot of effort goes into hiring a new employee and much of it is in the form of paperwork. Onboarding a new employee can generate tons of it. That’s why paperless employee onboarding has become extremely popular lately. Now HR departments can get new employees “papered up” without a single sheet. Here’s how it works.

Paperless employee files are the ticket.

Going paperless in your HR department is a great way to give time back to your staff. Paperless employee files allow for instant retrievalsecure sharing and easy audit protection. A scan-to-cloud system is your best bet here. Scan-to-cloud filing solutions combine a cloud filing system with scanning automation tools. This means you can convert your existing paper files fast and then manage them more efficiently from the cloud. Going forward, you won’t have to print out paperwork just to scan it back into the system. Simply save the digital versions of the documents directly into an employee’s folder.

This is especially helpful for large organizations with offices springing up across the country. Getting information and documentation back and forth between offices can be a struggle. However, with paperless employee files, you can allow staff at your satellite offices to access the information they need. You can even designate specific types of documents to give them access to. For example, you may want to give managers access to performance reviews, but obviously not an employee’s protected health information (PHI).

Add in online forms and esignatures for paperless onboarding.

Now that you’ve taken your existing employee files paperless, it’s time to stop creating that paper in the first place. By integrating online forms and electronic signatures, you can take your employee onboarding process completely paperless as well. Online forms allow new hires to complete their onboarding packets from home, before their first day on the job. Electronic signatures capture a legal and binding signature from new employees on every document that they complete in the packet. No more dealing with over-nighting, snail mail or faxes for employees being brought on at different locations. All paperwork can be completed remotely at their leisure.

HR can even include an area for the recipient to attach a copy of their photo ID or a voided check for direct deposit. For agreements where supporting documentation needs to be reviewed, like a Policy & Procedures acknowledgement, the new hire can be required to review the employee handbook before signing. Any field on your paperless onboarding forms can be set to “required” so the days of chasing down new hires about incomplete information is a thing of the past.

Take a look at the process step by step.

There are different ways that companies offer paperless onboarding solutions. At DynaFile, it happens through an integration we have with DocuSign, the global leader in digital transaction management and electronic signatures. Here’s how it works:

  1. HR selects appropriate employee onboarding packet
  2. HR enters new hire’s name and email address and clicks “send”
  3. New hire receives email with secure link to onboarding packet
  4. New hire reviews, fills out and signs all onboarding documentation online
  5. Onboarding packet gets routed to next person in workflow (maybe HR or Payroll)
  6. Once workflow is complete, onboarding packet is delivered back to DynaFile
  7. HR is notified to quality check onboarding documentation, clicks “approve”
  8. New employee folder is automatically created in DynaFile and all onboarding documentation is filed within

It’s as simple as that! Once your onboarding packets are set up in DocuSign, it takes about 30 seconds to send one out to a new hire. Simply enter their name and email address and you’re good to go. Just think of how much time that can save a high growth business! Plus, with all of the validation and requirement options built into DocuSign, your onboarding templates can be created to fit your exact business needs. This eliminates common frustrations like incomplete forms, SSN’s with the wrong number of digits, unsigned documents, etc.

Take your Human Resources department paperless.

To learn more about going paperless in your HR department, contact us today. DynaFile has been helping HR operate more efficiently for over 15 years. We help you make the transition to paperless as smooth as possible with scan-to-cloud features. From there, you can manage your employee more efficiently from the cloud. Integrated online forms and esignatures allow for a paperless onboarding solution that’s easy, intuitive and saves a ton of time.