Barcode Recognition

Paperless automation!

Barcode recognition organizes and files your documents automatically as they are scanned.
Barcode Scanning File Management

Convert back files fast.

DynaFile's barcode recognition features let you digitize an entire file folder at once. Use barcode cover sheets to separate your folders into their appropriate sections before scanning. As the entire packet is scanned, DynaFile recognizes the information on the barcodes and uses it to automatically index and file your documents for you. There is no better way to convert your archived files to electronic format!

Filing With Barcodes

Barcode recognition is a great way to convert an entire folder of documents to electronic format quickly and easily.

Filing with barcodes is simple. Barcode cover sheets are inserted at the beginning of each section of your file folder to split it into Document Type sections. As the entire packet is scanned, DynaFile reads the information on the barcodes and uses it to automatically index and file your documents in the correct location.

Filing with Barcode Recognition

Barcode Cover Sheets

Barcode cover sheets separate your file folder into Document Type sections.

Barcode cover sheets relay information about your files to the DynaFile system as your documents are scanned. Only one cover sheet needs to be printed for each folder you convert. Generic Document Type pages split your folder into its various sections. Document Type sheets are reusable for every folder you scan and it is completely up to you how granular you would like to be in your initial folder breakdown. Don't worry! You can always break down and split apart large documents at any time in the future using Batch Processing.

Automatic Filing

DynaFile uses barcode information to automatically index and file your documents as they are scanned.

Converting back files with barcode recognition helps your business retain the original structure of files while making the conversion process quick and easy. By automating document indexing and filing you can save an enormous amount of time. For example, HR can convert, index and file an average employee record in under 2 minutes.

Automated Barcode Filing System
Embedded Barcode Filing for Electronic Forms

Embedded Barcodes

Embedded barcodes let you automatically file common forms as they are scanned.

Many times a paper-based process can be replicated completely digitally. Sometimes, however, it may be easier to still get some forms filled out with pen and paper. If you commonly have a need to scan the same packet of forms over and over again for different staff, vendors or clients; you can use embedded barcodes to help automate the process. Just like barcode cover sheets, embedded barcodes tell DynaFile what type of document is being scanned into the system so it can be automatically filed in the correct location.

The difference is that these barcodes are actually embedded directly onto your forms. This saves your team time as you do not have to insert barcode cover sheets in front of each individual form that should be indexed. Embedded barcodes are especially popular for employee onboarding with Human Resource departments. For organizations that have a hard time getting onboarding packets filled out electronically, embedded barcodes can provide an easy solution for creating new hire folders.

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