Automate Filing by Scanning with Barcodes

Take a shortcut to electronic documents by using barcodes to automate scanning and filing.

Simplify your shift to the digital world using barcode scanning automation for efficient document filing. From converting bulk archives with barcode cover sheets to handling daily paperwork with embedded barcodes, streamline your processes effortlessly. Dive into the future of organized, paperless storage with DynaFile's proven expertise in scan-to-cloud solutions. Over 17 years of transforming offices; let yours be the next!

The very last step in winning the battle of paper shuffling is going to electronic, cloud file storage. If you’re looking to bring your current paper files to the cloud, you’ll need to retrieve them and get them ready for their digital afterlife before you scan them. Filing with barcodes is one of the fastest and most efficient ways to convert a large amount of paper documents to electronic format. 

Barcode Cover Sheets

If you’re converting thick folders for a specific subject, barcode cover sheets are an easy way to do it. This is useful for things like employee folders, account folders for clients/vendors, medical/patient records, student files, etc. A single barcode sheet is printed and placed as the first page in the physical file folder as you’re getting ready to scan it. The barcode on this page is unique to the subject (employee, client, patient, student, etc) and includes information about them. That way, as the entire folder is scanned, the system will know that all of these documents are for that particular subject. If you would like to have the different sections of the folder automatically broken down and filed as well, you can simply insert a few reusable barcode sheets in front of each tab or sub-folder you would like split out. As the entire file is scanned, the system will know from the barcodes exactly how to file your documents.

Embedded Barcodes

Barcode cover sheets are a great way to convert your back files. But what about new paper? Many times processes using forms and signatures can be brought online to be replaced completely digitally. Sometimes, though, pen-and-paper processes just make more sense to keep doing the old fashioned way. When this is the case, barcodes can be embedded on your common forms. That way, when you print the forms out to be completed, they will already have the barcode on them. When the forms are completed and signe on paper, they can now be scanned in to the system. The advantage of the embedded barcodes is that you can scan the entire stack of forms at once. From the embedded barcodes, the system will know exactly how to file the documents away in the correct location. 

If you’re interest in learning more about going paperless with your files, contact us today. DynaFile has been helping companies go paperless to achieve a higher level of organization for over 17 years. Our scan-to-cloud filing system makes it easy to switch from paper to electronic files with unique barcode scanning processes and powerful document management features for long-term retention.