How to Take HR Paperless in 30 Days

Paperless HR has become a popular topic lately and for good reason. Here’s how you can take your HR department paperless in 30 days.

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The advantages of electronic employee files are clear: instant access, faster filing, easier management across locations, enhanced security, powerful audit reporting, streamlined form-filling and esignature processes, and much more.

Although the benefits are huge, taking the department paperless can seem like a daunting task to a lot of HR directors, but it doesn’t have to be! There are paperless HR solutions that can help automate the conversion of paper to electronic employee files and replace paper processes like onboarding with highly efficient digital workflows. Best of all, a good solution is designed to get your team there FAST.

Here are a couple of things to look for in a paperless HR solution.

Convert Paper Files Fast

A good paperless HR solution will include a practical way for you to quickly convert your existing paper files to electronic employee files. Barcode Recognition is an example of a useful method for converting an entire employee folder at once. Barcoded separator sheets are used to split the folder down into it’s different tabs or sections before scanning. You can then scan the entire folder at once and the system will know exactly how to file everything inside.

If internal resources are slim, you can always consider using a scanning service company to do your initial back-file conversion for you as well.

Access Files Instantly

Once your files are in electronic format and being stored in the system, it is essential that they are easy to retrieve. This is actually one of the most overlooked pieces of the puzzle. There are many solutions out there that can convert your files for you, but you may run into trouble down the line trying to find them.

A good recommendation is to look for an indexed filing system. Instead of finding the correct folder to save documents in and then later having to find that folder again to retrieve them, indexes are used to categorize documents. The system will use this index information to automatically file your documents in the correct location. You can then search for documents based on those index values like: Employee Name, ID, Status, Department, Location, Folder Section, Document Type, Expiration Date, etc.

This also makes it easy to report on required or expiring documents in employee folders; or segment access to files depending on things like the employee’s department, location and folder section.

Replace Paper Forms

With a paperless HR office, you shouldn’t have to print out forms just to scan them back in later. Instead, your HR team can replace many of their pen-and-paper processes with online forms, electronic signatures and digital workflows.

Paper-intensive processes like employee onboarding can now be done in the cloud with no need for paper generation. New hires can review, complete and legally sign their onboarding documents online before their first day; or on a tablet or computer in the office. The best part about moving your forms to the cloud, though, is that you are not limited to just onboarding documents.

You can use the same process for just about any type of form you might need to get filled out and signed. Once finished, all completed forms are automatically published in the employee’s folder alongside the rest of their files. 

Taking HR paperless is easy when you have the right partner to help you get there.

DynaFile has been helping companies go paperless for over 17 years to achieve a higher level of organization and cut costs. Our unique paperless HR solution includes scanning automation tools like Barcode Recognition and Batch Processing to make converting paper files a quick process – or use or scanning partner to get the job done for you.

Going forward, DynaFile’s powerful cloud document management system ensures files are always secure and instantly accessible. Best of all, DocuSign integration can replace all of your pen-and-paper processes with online forms and esignatures so there is no longer a need to print and scan.

Want to learn more about taking your HR department paperless in 30 days? Contact us today for a free demo for your team.