Cloud Filing System Allows for on Demand Document Retrieval

Filing and retrieving documents shouldn’t take all day. A cloud filing system can significantly raise productivity and reduce operating costs for your organization.

Enhance productivity and cut costs with a cloud filing system. Go paperless, ensure file security, and enjoy on-demand document retrieval with DynaFile. Witness the benefits of our scan-to-cloud solutions – request a free demo now!

If your employees don’t have the convenience of on demand document retrieval, your business could be suffering. Filing and retrieving paper documents can take up a lot of time. Going paperless with a cloud filing system can help your company significantly enhance productivity and reduce operating costs. Better yet, cloud systems allow staff from different departments or various offices around the country to access the same database for easy collaboration. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of moving to a cloud filing system.

Go Paperless

Paper documents are hard to keep organized and take up valuable office space. Moving to a cloud filing system lets your business processes go paperless. Now your employees can pull up the documents they need with a quick search rather than shuffling through endless filing cabinets. Electronic documents can also be backed up to multiple locations so you can always be assured of the security and safety of your files.

It’s Easy To Kick The Paper Habit

Scan-to-cloud solutions like DynaFile make it easy to convert your paper documents to digital format. Advanced scanning tools help automate the transition to paperless. Documents can be scanned and organized in batches. You can even convert entire folders at a time, letting you take an entire department paperless quickly and easily. From there, access and manage all of your files from one central cloud filing system.

Moving To The Cloud Saves Time & Money

Reams of paper, printer toner, copier maintenance, and other miscellaneous paper-related costs can add up quickly even at a smaller business. You also can’t forget about labor costs associated with printing, filing and retrieving documents. These tasks must be done completely manually and can take up a much larger portion of an employee’s time than you may realize. A cloud filing system can nearly eliminate these costs and greatly reduces the time required for filing and retrieving documentation. For example, take a look at how much HR can save by going paperless.

Simple, Secure File Sharing

Many times you may need to share a document with someone in a another department, a different office or even from outside of your company. A cloud filing system allows staff to access the information they need from anywhere, at any time. Easy to set up security controls can be used to ensure employees are only allowed to access the files that they have authorization to see. In this way, you can share specific documents with anyone you need to, without them every actually leaving your virtual filing cabinet.

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