Updates to Employee Record System Save HR Time

Are your records due for an update? Save the Human Resources team time with an employee record system in the cloud.

Upgrade your HR processes with modern employee record system updates. Streamline signatures, simplify audits, and reduce file requests for efficiency. With DynaFile, transform your HR file management strategy for 2020. Dive into 2 decades of expertise and transform in under 30 days. Contact us!

It’s a good time to think about updating your employee records for next year.  Here are a few things you may be missing in your 2020 HR file management strategy. 

Simplify Record Audits

Keeping employee records up-to-date and compliant can be extremely tedious.  Simplify your record audits with a system that can track required and expiring documentation in employee folders automatically. 

When an auditor requests files, there’s no need to waste time manually searching through individual folders.  Bring up just the files you need and get a copy out to an auditor remotely with just a couple of clicks.

Streamline Signatures

If forms are still being completed on paper, it’s a good idea to look at a scan-to-cloud filing system.  They give you a shortcut through the scanning process for your forms and historic records alike. 

Digital signatures are another option that can further streamline onboarding, policy acknowledgement, and other forms.  Staff complete their forms online and all documents are automatically added to their employee record once finished. 

Reduce File Requests

Transferring documents between teams can be slow and not secure.  A compliant system will allow you to lock down sensitive documents and control access to certain sections of employee records. 

Give your Payroll or Benefits specialists access to just the documents they need to see.  Or, give managers a limited view to just performance or disciplinary documents for their own staff. 

Your Plan For 2020

If you’re interested in an update for your employee records, contact us today.  DynaFile is designed to save HR time and provide an easier way to manage record compliance.  With 2 decades of experience, the DynaFile team can help you upgrade your employee records in under 30 days.