Benefits of an Online Filing Cabinet

It can be a real challenge keeping all of the paperwork that comes through your office organized. By taking your filing cabinet online you can save money, have quicker access to files and free up valuable office space.

Tired of overflowing cabinets and lost documents? Switch to an Online Filing Cabinet. Enjoy secure 24x7 access, instant retrieval, collaborative features, and integrated eSignatures. Eliminate clutter, enhance security, and streamline operations. Dive into the paperless revolution; reach out to learn more!

Is your office packed with overflowing filing cabinets or file boxes? Can you find what you’re looking for easily? Or is it like finding a needle in a haystack? If your office space feels more like a storage unit than your work space, consider switching to an online filing cabinet.

Although paper is still needed in some aspects of business, for the most part our world is going paperless. We fax from our computers and email documents. Court systems nationwide are going with online filing, reducing the need for paper and eliminating the trek down to the clerks office. Now you can implement the same organizational method within your own business. With online filing, secure access to your files is at your fingertips, 24×7.

Scan to the cloud.
Wondering how this all works? It’s simple. All of your paper documents are scanned into your online filing cabinet and organized automatically with barcode or text recognition. You can label your folders with a level of security that allows you to give access to only those who need it. Organization is the beauty of this system. You can organize your files by document type, client, case number, etc – whatever makes sense for your business. 

Instant document retrieval.
Once in the system, finding what you are looking for is easy and only a few clicks away. You never have to worry about wasting time looking for files. You can use search to quickly pull up the documents you’re looking for and filter your results to narrow it down further if needed.

Secure storage and file sharing.
Security is a real issue in business and online filing will let you rest easy knowing your information is safe. Documents in an online system are stored offsite and backed up automatically so you never have to worry about losing information in any kind of natural disaster or other emergency. Custom document control can be added for specific users, user groups, files, folders, departments, etc. This ensures that only authorized eyes are viewing your critical documents. Best of all, you can securely share any files in the system using encrypted links, a much safer alternative to email attachments.

Cloud collaboration.
Once a document is scanned, it isn’t set in stone. You can collaborate on documents directly from your web browser. Plus, with integrated eSignatures, you can get forms and contracts filled out and legally signed online in seconds.

If your working from home and realized you left the document you needed sitting on your desk, you no longer have to drive back to the office. All of your documents are available, any where, at any time.

Online filing will save you time and money (less paper, ink cartridges, stamps and it opens up office space for new possibilities). Get ready to clear out the clutter and contact us today to find out more.