How an Award-Winning Law Firm Benefited from Cloud-Based Legal HR Document Management with DynaFile

Transforming Legal Document Management: Thompson Hine’s Employee Filing Efficiency with DynaFile

How an Award-Winning Law Firm Revolutionized Cloud-Based Legal HR Document Management with DynaFile

Thompson Hine LLP, a legal powerhouse recognized for its innovative practices, knows something about efficiency. Ranked #1 for “Most innovative North American law firms: New working models” by the Financial Times, they constantly seek solutions to streamline operations and empower their teams. But with 8 offices across the U.S. and over 700 lawyers and staff, managing paperwork presented a logistical hurdle. 

The Challenge:

Thompson Hine, with hundreds of employees spread across the U.S. in different offices, faced a significant challenge: the need for remote access to personnel files and the ability to manage documents efficiently from any location. Paper-based filing and limited remote access were hampering efficiency and hindering collaboration. In an era where agility and remote collaboration are essential, the firm needed a solution to keep up with its innovative ethos.

The DynaFile Solution:

Enter DynaFile’s cloud-based employee filing system – a game-changer for Thompson Hine. This robust solution brought a centralized repository and unmatched remote access capabilities to the firm’s fingertips. It addressed the pain points of traditional paper-based filing systems and integrated seamlessly with Rival (formerly SilkRoad Technology) for streamlined onboarding processes.

Transformative Results:

With hybrid filing options and multiple document upload methods, flexibility became the name of the game. Armed with enhanced remote access, HR and admins could access files from anywhere, fostering secure cloud workflows while embracing the remote work revolution. The intuitive search functionality and indexed filing made document retrieval a breeze. And the onboarding integration? It was like a time-turner, automatically importing new hire paperwork with the correct types and descriptions, saving precious time and reducing manual data entry.

The impact of DynaFile on Thompson Hine’s operations has been nothing short of transformative:

  • Hybrid Filing Options & Flexibility: The firm now enjoys a range of document filing methods, accommodating various formats and enhancing record-keeping flexibility.
  • Enhanced Remote Accessibility: HR and administrative staff can now access files from anywhere, paving the way for efficient remote work and collaboration.
  • Streamlined Document Retrieval: The intuitive search functionality and indexed filing system have made finding specific documents a breeze.
  • Efficient Onboarding: Integration with the onboarding platform has automated the flow of new hire paperwork, significantly reducing manual data entry and boosting onboarding efficiency.

Thompson Hine’s journey with DynaFile exemplifies how embracing technology can lead to remarkable improvements in efficiency and streamlined workflows. DynaFile’s implementation addressed the immediate needs of document management and aligned with the firm’s commitment to innovation and client-focused solutions in the long term.

 Nothing but Great Things to Say

I have nothing but great things
to say about DynaFile.
Our implementation could not
have gone any smoother. 

The site is set-up in a way
that allows you
to do anything imaginable.

Kevin Kendall | Senior Human Resources Manager,
Thompson Hine

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