The Importance of Document Indexing

An “indexed” filing system can help streamline document management across the whole office.

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The concept of document indexing has a variety of benefits in order to go paperless within your business. Imagine no longer having to sort through papers on your desk or dig through an overflowing filing cabinet to find a document you need. With a few keywords entered into the computer, your team can instantly retrieve the documents they need from anywhere, at any time.

Metadata Indexing

Document indexing is made possible using metadata properties. Metadata is simply “data about data”. In this case, it’s data about your documents. So, these “indexes” store information about the documents you add to the system. For example: If you wanted to store employee files electronically, you might index those documents with information like Employee Name, ID, Status, Office Location, Department, Folder Sections, Document Type, Expiration Date, etc.

Using indexes ensures that every file you add to the system is categorized by information that you would later want to use to: retrieve the document, restrict access, report on files, and much more. The filing system will also automatically save your documents in the correctly location based upon its index information.

By eliminating the time it takes to save and find the files you’re looking for, an electronic filing system can pay for itself with this single feature alone!

Enhanced Productivity

The amount of productivity within your business can increase dramatically by utilizing an electronic filing system. When your documents are stored electronically and “indexed” as described above, redundant administrative tasks can be significantly reduced. 

For example: File audit reports. One of the indexes commonly used to categorize electronic files is a “Document Type”. This will tell you and the system that the file is a Contract, Evaluation, Application, etc. Since this information is stored for every document in the system, it becomes very easy to report on. Want a list of all employees missing an I-9 from their folder? No problem! Want a list of all outstanding invoices by vendor? Simple!

Additionally, all of your files can be stored securely in the cloud, allowing your team to access the information anywhere. This means you can even get the information that is most important to you when you’re on the road. Being able to have mobility and productivity is important in a growing business and one of the reasons why document indexing is so important when your data is being stored in the cloud.

Moving Forward

If you’re interested in moving from paper files to an electronic filing system, contact us at DynaFile. Our electronic filing system has been helping companies cut costs and boost efficiency for over 15 years. Use powerful scanning automation tools to convert your paper files fast and manage all of your documents easier from the cloud. Every document you add to DynaFile is indexed so files are never difficult to find, reporting is easy and segmenting access for compliance is a breeze. Contact us a call today for a free demo!