How to Organize Electric Files Efficiently

Keeping files organized can be a real challenge. Here are some tips on how to organize electronic files.

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Do you often find yourself spending too much time trying to locate a document you need to access or having to help your co-workers find a specific file? If yes, it is time to learn how to organize electronic files.

A good system to organize your electronic files will help your team save valuable time on redundant admin tasks so focus can be put on more important things. Saving and keeping track of business-critical documents becomes quick and easy. The right system can also significant improve security for your files and lower your risks of sensitive documents getting into the wrong hands.

Here are some tips on how to organize electronic files:

  • Come up with a list of categories and sub-categories for your documents and folders. A lot of times this can be created closely from your current paper filing structure, so keep your “tabs” and “sub-folders” in mind. 
  • Establish some conventions to name files, number invoices or accounts and date documents.
  • Make sure everyone who needs to access files or create new ones is aware of the conventions and follows them.
  • Decide who has access to what. If your files include some sensitive data, your best option is to incorporate clearance levels into your system.
  • Go over your files regularly. Archive or delete old files and make sure everything is classified and named according to the conventions you established. It is best to set some time aside on your schedule to make sure you do this regularly.
  • If there are paper files, consider scanning them in to consolidate your files while limiting access to maintain compliance. 
  • Find a safe and efficient back up solution for your important files. Use an automated solution if you can easily identify which files need to be backed up.

Creating the perfect system for your electronic files might take a while. You will have to decide which structure makes the more sense for the type of files you work with and for the unique needs of your office and co-workers. Luckily, there is a shortcut!

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