Electronic Filing System Auto-Files Documents for Better Organization, Quicker Retrieval

Business today relies on your staff’s ability to have quick access to the files they need. An electronic filing system with document indexing is the solution.

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Let’s start with a simple question:
When you have to look-up a file, how long does it take you to track it down? Two minutes? Three minutes? Even more?

If you were a real speed demon and managed to find the file you’re looking for in one minute every time, and had to track-down 15 files in a day, you’d be spending two and a half full, 24-hour days a year just tracking-down files. For every additional minute it takes you, that’s another 2.5 days per year. Certainly there are better things you could be spending your time on.

Keeping Files Organized Is Tough

One way to reduce the time it takes to locate a file is through meticulous organization. By having a particular location in place for any file you need to save, you’ll know right where to find it when you need to pull it back up again, reducing the time it takes to complete everyday tasks. 

But frankly, most of us fall victim to the temptation of just saving it quickly and forgetting about it. And when we’re talking about an entire team of staff sharing the same filing cabinet, things get misplaced extremely quickly. Most of us figure we’ll either remember where we saved it next time or be able to find it quickly even if we have to do some searching. Expanded across an entire department, this is when the simple task of retrieving a file turns into a arduous chore. 

Introducing Electronic Filing

To make filing and retrieving documents easier, many companies are moving towards an electronic filing process. In an electronic filing system, documents are stored by indexing. An indexed filing system will categorize your documents by various identifiers. These would be different for each department, but might include things like the Document Type and the Employee or Client that the document refers to. 

Indexing Allows For Auto-Filing…

When one of your team members wants to add a new document to an electronic filing system, instead of naming the file and finding the correct folder to save it in, they will be prompted to index the document. Your staff will enter the required indexing information (for example, the Document Type and Client that the document is about). The system will then use that indexing information to automatically file the document in the correct location. 

…And Instant Retrieval

When you need to retrieve a document from an electronic filing system, indexing makes it a quick and easy process. Instead of clicking down through a million folders to find the document you’re looking for, a simple index search brings back your documents instantly. You can search on any indexing property to bring back exactly the information you’re looking for. For example, select Invoice as the Document Type and John Doe as your Client to bring back all Invoices for John Doe. It’s that easy!

Take Your Office Paperless

An electronic filing system with document indexing can save your office a ton of time and money. So many business processes today rely on your staff’s ability to have quick, secure access to the files they need, when they need them. DynaFile’s electronic filing system provides flexible document indexing features and scan-to-cloud tools that make going paperless easier than ever. Our filing solutions have been helping companies operate more efficiently for over 15 years. Contact us today for a free demo!