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File Management Software for Staffing Agencies

Want to streamline your staffing process?

Staffing professionals handle an incredible amount of administrative duties each day. DynaFile helps staffing agencies go paperless to onboard new hires and manage their files more efficiently. Scanning automation tools make the transition from paper to electronic files quick and simple. Moving forward, make it easy to add new documents to the system no matter where they’re generated: paper, email, MS office, other systems, etc. With instant retrieval and secure file sharing options, you never have to worry about lag time around sending and receiving documents.

Integrations with popular Applicant Tracking and Onboarding solutions give your teams the power of a completely paperless file lifecycle for your contractors. Onboarding forms from DocuSign, iCIMS, signNow, JotForm, PandaDoc, and Adobe Sign can be automatically published into the new hire’s folder once all documents have been completed and signed. You can also drag-and-drop or “virtually print” pre-hire documents from ATS like Bullhorn or iCIMS directly into the new hire’s folder in DynaFile. Best of all, data for your hires can be synced from your HRIS or Payroll system to automatically make updates in DynaFile when changes are made in your system or record. Want to see how it works?

Go Paperless Fast

Scanning automation tools let you take all of your files paperless quickly and easily.

A shortcut to electronic files! Unique scanning automation tools allow you take the entire office paperless fast. Barcode Recognition gives your team the power to convert an entire paper folder to electronic format in one shot. There's no need to scan, name and file every document. DynaFile's barcode recognition features will automatically file your documents in the correct location for you as the entire folder is scanned into the system. 

Paperless File Management for Staffing Agencies
Scan to Cloud Document Management System

Easily Add Documents

Add documents to DynaFile no matter where they are generated. 

Add files from anywhere! Adding documents to a contractor's folder in DynaFile is incredibly easy. It doesn't matter where the document was generated, bringing it into the system take just a few clicks. Batch Processing allows you scan in a stack of unrelated paperwork and organize it on your screen to be filed away in DynaFile. If you have documents on your computer, the user-friendly Drag & Drop Drive is a popular way to add documents from emails, desktop and your hard drive. You can also Save To DynaFile or "virtually print" documents into a contractor's folder from any application you're working in.

Instant File Retrieval

Pull up documents with just a couple of clicks, no matter where you are.

No more rummaging through filing cabinets! When you need to retrieve a document from DynaFile, it only takes a second. Pull up files based on properties like: Contractor Name, ID, Client, Region, Document Type, Expiration Date or other custom identifiers. Your team no longer has to manually find the correct folder and thumb through it to locate the document they are looking for. A simple Index Search brings back just the documents you are interested with just a couple of clicks. 

Electronic File Management for Staffing Agencies
Secure Online File Sharing

Share Files Securely

Easily share files with staff, contractors, clients and more.

Skip the lag time! When your documents are stored in the cloud, there's no reason to wait to receive the information you need. With DynaFile, you can securely share files with contractors or clients via encrypted document links. For audits or subpoenas, give external auditors and attorneys limited access to just the specific files and folders they are requesting. DynaFile also integrates with Active Directory and has built-in security features for admins to design segmented access rules for different roles and types of documents. 

Electronic Onboarding

New hires can complete all of their onboarding paperwork online.

Ditch the pen and paper! DynaFile integrates with popular Onboarding Solutions like iCIMS, DocuSign, signNow, JotForm, PandaDoc, and Adobe Sign to get your contractors "papered up" without printing a single sheet. New hires can review, fill out and legally sign all of their onboarding paperwork online before their first day on the job. Once everything is completed and signed, all onboarding documents are automatically filed back in the new hire's folder inside of DynaFile. No need to print, copy or scan!

eSignatures, Online Forms and Digital Workflows
HRIS Integration

HRIS & Payroll Integration

Connect to your system of record to sync employee data to DynaFile.

No need for redundant updates! When you store data about your contractors in one system and documents about your contractors in another, it doesn't make sense to have to update things in both systems. With DynaFile, you don't have to! DynaFile syncs to your HRIS or Payroll system system. When changes are made to employee data in your system of record, those changes are automatically reflected in DynaFile, too. Updates to things like employee status, department, location, name changes and more can all be synced from your HRIS.

DynaFile in Action

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