57% of Turnover Happens in Under a Year

Did you know that 57% of new-hires that leave their job will do so within their first year? Electronic onboarding can help.

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Hiring’s a tricky business. There is a delicate balance between getting someone that is perfectly qualified for the position and making sure that person is secure and happy in their new role. This predicament is all too clear in a recent study showing that more than half of new-hires that leave their job will do so within the first year. So, the question becomes, how does the company better retain employees? Or, at the very least, how to make HR as efficient as possible in dealing with turnover? Here are a few ways moving to an electronic onboarding process can help.

Improve employee retention with electronic onboarding.

The onboarding process is one of your new employee’s first experiences with your company – so, let’s make it a positive one! Having a well-defined onboarding process in place will help your new-hire feel at ease and give them confidence that they have joined a modern company that values efficiency and progress. Electronic onboarding solutions also help your new employee move through their packet easier. Information that they have already entered will be auto-completed on forms that come later on in the onboarding packet. Not only does this save a ton of time and effort for your new-hires, but it also cuts down on typos as they only have to enter important information like their address and SSN one time.

Electronic onboarding helps HR manage high turnover.

In certain industries like Retail, Leisure, Transportation and Temporary Staffing; high turnover can be something that is hard to avoid. For HR departments in these areas of business, an efficient electronic onboarding process is essential. The most important thing to avoid are redundant tasks that your Human Resources team typically does every time a new employee is hired. Electronic onboarding systems allow you to create templates for your different onboarding packets. When it is time to onboard a new employee, simply select the appropriate onboarding template, enter your new-hire’s name and email address – and you’re done. Your new employee can review, fill out and sign everything paperlessly from their desk, in your office, on a tablet or even from home (before their first day on the job). 

Implementing electronic onboarding is easier than ever.

Getting started with electronic onboarding is a quick and simple process. Paperless HR solutions like DynaFile combine employee file management with electronic onboarding. So, once your new-hire’s onboarding packet is completed, it is automatically filed in their digital folder. Best of all, onboarding templates can be sent out time and time again so HR no longer needs to waste time copying, scanning, faxing and mailing documents.

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