File Storage

Access your files from anywhere!

Online file storage lets you access and manage your documents securely from anywhere, at any time.
Cloud File Storage

File cabinets overflowing?

DynaFile's online file storage features let you keep your documents highly organized and instantly accessible. No matter where your offices are located, employees can securely access the business critical information they need quickly and easily. Advanced indexing means that all of your files are always stored in the correct location and never misfiled. When you need to find a particular document or run a status report, a cross referenced index search brings back exactly what you are looking at the touch of a button.

Document Indexing

Indexing ensures your documents are filed in the correct location every time.

DynaFile uses metadata properties to index every document added to the system. These indexing properties categorize your documents and provide additional information about them. They are then used to file your documents in the right spot so your information is never lost.

Document Management Metadata Index Filing
Document Management Search and Retrieval

Document Retrieval

Browse or search to retrieve documents quickly and run reports on the fly.

Finding documents in DynaFile is exceptionally easy. You can browse through file folder in a traditional Explorer type view or use an index search to pull up exactly what you need quickly. You can even run reports across your entire online filing cabinet at once to conduct internal audits or status checks.

Segmented Access

Control access to specific types of documents for individuals or groups of users.

DynaFile's document control features ensure that employees only see the files they are authorized to see. Access permissions can be set for individual users or groups of users and can be applied to specific types of documents. Any action performed in the system can be controlled providing extremely granular security for both internal and external users.

Document Management Access Rights
Drag and Drop Filing System

Drag & Drop Drive

Easily add documents to DynaFile.

DynaFile improves your filing process by making it quick and easy to add documents to the system. Use the Drag & Drop Drive to bring your documents into DynaFile with one smooth motion. You can add one document at a time or drag-and-drop multiple files at once. In case there's no easy way to drag-and-drop, you can also Save To DynaFile or Virtually Print To DynaFile out of any application you're currently working in. 

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