Don’t Let Cloud Storage Providers Hold Your Data Hostage

It has become common for cloud storage providers to charge a hefty fee to retrieve YOUR data should you decide to move on. Don’t let them hold your data hostage.

Selecting a cloud storage solution? Beware of providers charging exorbitant fees or using proprietary formats that trap your data. DynaFile values data freedom, offering a user-friendly tool for data retrieval and automation. Learn how to safeguard your files without hidden costs. Reach out today!

Cloud storage solutions are very popular these days. They help organizations work more efficiently, they’re easy to maintain and they can save a company a significant amount of money when coming from a traditional paper filing system. You should be careful, however, when deciding on a particular solution. It has become common for cloud storage providers to charge a hefty fee to retrieve YOUR data should you decide to move on to a different solution. Don’t let them hold your data hostage!

That’ll be an arm and a leg, please.

When evaluating different cloud storage solutions, be sure to have a sound exit strategy in place. Like any software, not all cloud solutions are created equal. In the event that you are unhappy with a particular provider’s service or just want to move your data to a different system, it’s important to know how you can retrieve your data.. It may not be as easy as you thought!

Sadly, it has become commonplace for cloud providers to charge an arm and a leg to get your data off of their solution. They make it incredibly easy to get your documents into the system, but if you want to export all of your files, it could cost you big time. It is not uncommon for a cloud document management company to charge you tens of thousands of dollars just to get your data back. Migrating to the cloud can save your business a lot of time and money, so be sure those savings aren’t squandered on a shifty solution provider in the future.

You can have your data for free, but…

Some cloud storage providers have another trick up their sleeve. Instead of charging you to export your data, they have found another way to cash in on an unhappy customer. These companies will provide you with an export of your data for free, but… You won’t be able to use any of it.

That’s right. They will claim that there is no fee for retrieving your data should you decide to move on to another solution. However, you won’t be able to view any of that data unless you buy their proprietary software. This can get extremely expensive. Don’t get caught in this trap. When evaluating different cloud storage solutions, be sure to find out what format your data will get exported in should you decide to cancel your subscription.

Don’t let cloud storage providers hold your data hostage.

At DynaFile, we don’t believe in holding your data hostage. Our cloud storage solution was created to help companies run more efficiently, not to nickel and dime them out of their entire IT budget. That’s why every installation of DynaFile includes our Archive & Delete Utility – free of charge. 

DynaFile’s Archive & Delete Utility is handy tool that can be used for more than just getting your files back if you decide to switch providers. It can also be used to automate retention. For example, you can set expiration dates for documents in DynaFile and have our Archive & Delete Utility purge off those files when retention requirements have been met. Or as another example, your Human Resources department can set the utility to purge off employee records when retention time is complete, starting when that employee has been switched from Active to Terminated in the system.

DynaFile’s Archive & Delete Utility is also easy to use for archiving. Admins can archive off specific types of documents or backup the entire system periodically with just a couple of clicks. When you export your data, you get everything you need to back up all of your files in cold storage or to important everything into a new system. This includes all of your documents (in their native format), the indexing information associated with each document and a master index that makes it easy to get all of your files into another system.

If you would like to learn more about DynaFile, contact us today. Our scan-to-cloud solution lets you make the transition from a paper filing system quickly and easily. Convert your existing paper files fast with scanning automation tools, then manage all of your files from the cloud.