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How Index Search Benefits Business

Being able to easily find business-critical files is paramount. Index search offers professionals instant document retrieval.

The standard file search on any computer system works in this way: the computer looks at every file in a location and sends matching file names to the user. This system works well if the search user knows the name of the file, but what if you named your file with a typo or don't remember what you called it? It can be a real challenge to find documents that you saved months or even years ago with this scenario. Enter the index search.

Indexed filing systems keep documents stored by categorizing …

Staffing Agencies Can Keep Up With Demands Using a High-Quality Document Retrieval System

Staffing agencies need a quicker way to get to candidate and current staff files. Here's how they can get instant access.

There's no shortage of articles discussing the hottest job skills and latest trends in employment. Some of the qualities and skills that employers look for stay fairly consistent over time; others change or emerge in response to technological developments, economic shifts, and other demands.

One thing that doesn't seem to change, though, is the need for a practical way to manage all of the files for candidate hires. Running a successful staffing agency demands consistent efficiency and …

3 Reasons Why Electronic Filing Systems are the Future of Paperwork

The emerging digital world is transforming all aspects of society and business. Here are 3 reasons why electronic filing systems are the future of paperwork.

The emerging digital world is transforming all aspects of society and business; the cloud being the biggest change agent to date. With cloud and mobile computing technologies, paperwork in its traditional form is being reduced and eliminated more and more. In this regard, here are 3 reasons why electronic filing systems are the future of paperwork.

#1. Saves time and money:

The world's population continues to grow, as does: bureaucracies, regulations, laws, and the paperwork that accompanies …

HR Departments are Loving the Paperless Office Revolution

Thinking about going paperless? Look at some of the benefits other companies have been seeing with electronic personnel files and paperless onboarding.

It's well known that the Human Resources department has the pleasure of managing a serious amount of paper. Over the years, HR professionals have come up with their own tricks to keep employee documentation stored in a way that makes it accessible to authorized staff, but remains secure and compliant. Unfortunately, when dealing with paper files, it is inevitable that critical documents are lost or misfiled from time to time. These days, most HR offices are moving to electronic personnel files  …

Benefits of an Online Filing Cabinet

It can be a real challenge keeping all of the paperwork that comes through your office organized. By taking your filing cabinet online you can save money, have quicker access to files and free up valuable office space.

Is your office packed with overflowing filing cabinets or file boxes? Can you find what you're looking for easily? Or is it like finding a needle in a haystack? If your office space feels more like a storage unit than your work space, consider switching to an online filing cabinet.

Although paper is still needed in some aspects of business, for the most part our world is going paperless. We fax from our computers and email documents. Court systems across the country are going with online …

Trending: Paperless HR - Electronic Personnel Files In 2017

Human Resources is making a big shift towards electronic personnel files to increase efficiency and cut costs. Will your team reap the rewards in 2017?

Electronic personnel files have become more and more popular in recent years. The benefits are real - increased efficiency, cost savings and less stress on your staff. So what is holding organizations back from making the switch? With today's electronic filing solutions, there's no excuse not to join the paperless HR revolution! Your office can go paperless in 2017! Here's how it's done.

Back File Conversion

The initial back file conversion process can seem like a nightmare and can seem …

American Businesses Produce 1.6 Trillion Pieces of Paper In 2016

Going paperless has never been easier. Time to think about moving to electronic files.

Traditionally, paper has been a critical piece of the business process. It's difficult for an organization to run smoothly without the ability to record information and share it with colleagues in an effective manner. Issues arise in the office when that information needs to be stored for an extended period of time or needs to be shared quickly with team members in different physical locations. For these reasons, among others, many companies are switching to an electronic filing system for …

DynaFile & iCIMS Partner for HR Document Management and Employee Onboarding

Paperless HR file management solution joins iCIMS’ growing partner ecosystem.


DynaFile, a unique cloud document management system that makes it easy for HR professionals to transition to electronic personnel files, today announced an integration with iCIMS, a leading provider of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) talent acquisition solutions.

DynaFile, enabling companies to streamline HR by replacing bulky filing cabinets with easy to manage electronic files, now offers an integration into the iCIMS Talent Platform, a suite of …

How To Take Your Human Resources Department Paperless

Going paperless in HR does not have to be a stressful project. Here's how to make the switch quickly and easily.

Dealing with paper documents in HR can be a real nightmare. When bulky filing cabinets start to fill up with overflowing manila folders, it becomes impossible to keep information organized. This makes finding an important document or being prepared for an audit a seriously stressful situation. Because of this, many organizations are making the switch to paperless HR processes like online employee onboarding and electronic personnel files. Here's how to leverage paperless HR software to …

Going Paperless With Scan To Cloud Filing

Scan to cloud filing is making the transition to the paperless office easier than ever. Here's how.

Changing how your business operates may seem like a scary decision to make, but you'll know when change is necessary. When filing cabinets start to become disorganized and finding important files starts becoming a frustrating experience, its time to consider going digital. Scan to cloud filing is a practical way to take an entire department paperless quickly and easily. By utilizing scanning automation tools that are designed to work directly with a cloud filing system, converting paper files …

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