Electronic Employee Files: an HR Filing Solution that Works for You

Employee files tough to manage?  Here’s how to setup an HR filing solution that works for you by using electronic employee files.

Revolutionize HR file management with electronic employee files. Transition from paper effortlessly, streamline onboarding, and simplify compliance. DynaFile offers a seamless solution with scan-to-cloud and robust tools, proven over 18 years. Ready for a filing solution that truly works for your HR team? Book your demo today!

Human Resources professionals have a difficult job managing all of the documentation regarding company employees.  On paper, files are impossible to keep track of. 

Going digital brings huge benefits, but not all HR filing solutions are the same.  Here’s what to look for with your electronic employee file strategy.

Paperless Shortcuts

If you’re using paper right now, the transition to electronic employee files can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be.

There are scan-to-cloud filing solutions that help automate paper conversion by skipping many of the steps in the typical scanning process.  DynaFile’s barcode recognition feature, for example, can automatically file an entire employee folder in one scan.

Streamlined Forms

When your HR team moves to electronic employee files, switching to paperless forms makes so much sense.  Onboarding packets can be completed online before orientation and automatically filed afterwards.  Acknowledgements and other forms can also be templated in the cloud and used over an over again.

Simplified Compliance

With electronic employee files, compliance becomes a lot easier.  Say goodbye to document checklists and manual spreadsheets for tracking files.  Instead, simply run a report to show you exactly which staff are missing required files in their folders or have a document coming up for renewal. 

Cut back on file requests by using role-based access for your different teams.  At the same time, easily make specific files and folders available to auditors and other external individuals remotely, from anywhere.

A Solution That Works for You

DynaFile’s been helping HR teams manage files easier for 18 years.  By combining time-saving scanning automation tools with a powerful cloud document management system, most HR departments can be paperless in 30 days with DynaFile.

Want to improve file management for your HR team?  Contact us today for a short call or demo to learn more.