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Electronic Employee Files: An HR Filing Solution That Works for You

Employee files tough to manage?  Here's how to setup an HR filing solution that works for you by using electronic employee files.

Human Resources professionals have a difficult job managing all of the documentation regarding company employees.  On paper, files are impossible to keep track of. 

Going digital brings huge benefits, but not all HR filing solutions are the same.  Here's what to look for with your electronic employee file strategy.

Paperless Shortcuts

If you're using paper right now, the transition to electronic employee files can seem daunting, but it doesn't have to be.

There are scan-to-cloud filing …

Paperless Onboarding in 30 Days: How To start Jan 1

The employee onboarding process typically generates a lot of paper.  Here are a few ways to start employee records paperless January 1st with online forms and cloud filing. 

Paper forms, PDF email attachments, and faxes are a tough way to start a new employee file in the digital age.  Organizations that experience a lot of growth, have a highly seasonal workforce, or tend to see a lot of turnover know the struggle best. 

Here's how to take HR paperless for 2019 to improve onboarding and file management for your HR team.

Paperless Onboarding Forms

Going from paper to digital new hire forms is a game changer.  Onboarding packets can be reviewed, completed, and …

HR Files in the Cloud for Smoother Audits, Forms, and Team Access

When HR files in the cloud, employee records become easier to manage. Audits, form processes, and access across teams are all a little smoother.

Employee files due for an upgrade?  You may not realize just how much time your HR team spends managing employee files.  Between file requests, audits, and new documentation getting misfiled or silo'd across systems, HR has their hands full.  

Moving to employee files to the cloud can save a lot of time in the Human Resources department, but not all filing solutions are created equal.  Here are some of the top benefits you should look for.

Smoother Audits

With cloud employee files, your …

After iCIMS, DynaFile Helps HR Centralize File Management

DynaFile now connects with iCIMS for automatic filing and easy long-term file management after onboarding.

iCIMS is a popular talent acquisition suite that includes savvy tools for recruiting through onboarding.  Now iCIMS users can also tap into the power of DynaFile to streamline HR file management after onboarding.  

Connect To iCIMS

DynaFile's integration with iCIMS allows for automatic filing after the onboarding process has been completed.  The new hire's folder is automatically created in DynaFile, with all iForms filed in the correct location inside.  All of your access rules around …

Employee Files in the Cloud are Making Document Management Easier for HR

Human Resources professionals are moving towards cloud document management solutions more and more these days for an easier way to administer employee files. 

Cloud document management solutions for HR can bring big benefits to the entire team.  When HR can spend less time worrying about saving, finding, and keeping track of files - everyone wins. 

A good HR file management system will allow your team to consolidate files for easier management while automating redundant processes.  This allows HR to focus less on the mundane and more on people-oriented goals.  Here are some of the ways to achieve this with an HR filing solution like DynaFile. …

DocuSign Connects to DynaFile to Streamline HR Forms and File Management

DynaFile now connects to DocuSign to automatically file completed HR forms for long-term document management.

DocuSign is a popular way to get onboarding and other HR forms completed digitally.  Now DocuSign users can tap into the power of DynaFile to streamline file management after signature. 

Connect To DocuSign

DynaFile's integration with DocuSign allows for automatic filing after forms have been completed and signed.  Once your DocuSign workflow has finished, the signed forms are automatically saved in the correct location in the employee's folder inside of DynaFile.  The best part is that all …

Summer Filing System Updates Improve Employee Files for HR

Summer is a popular time for HR to update and upgrade their fling system.  Making the switch results in improved file management and lasting benefits for HR.

Could your HR files use an update?  Summer can be an excellent time to upgrade to a better filing system for the HR team.  With lasting benefits like easier audits, access across teams, and best of all - less time filing, you're due for a change. 

Centralized Filing

Managing files effectively can be near impossible when employee files are disorganized across paper, systems, teams, and offices.  It is amazing how big of a boost you can give back to the HR team when file management is …

The Right Filing Solution Gives Time Back to the HR Team

A streamlined filing solution for HR is critical for keeping things running smoothly across the organization.

Is your current filing system holding back your HR team?  Whether you're still working with paper or storing files electronically, ensuring a strong file management strategy is key for HR. 

Documentation needs to be stored with a high level of organization to comply with regulations like HIPAA, and you must be able to be provide exactly what is requested when audited.  Here's how the right HR filing solution can help do that and more to give a huge boost back to the HR team.

Run Smoother …

How To Switch To Electronic Employee Files This Summer

Want to improve file management for the HR team, but intimidated by the process? Here's how to move to electronic employee files fast this summer.

Managing employee files in an organized and compliant way is a critical part of the HR team's responsibilities.  Unfortunately, files can be nearly impossible to manage when documents are on paper or spread across different teams, offices, and systems.  

An electronic filing system for HR helps to eliminate record silos and centralize file management for lasting benefits.  Here's how to switch to electronic employee files this summer and some of the advantages your team will see going forward.  …

Stop Printing After Onboarding: A Paperless HR Strategy That Ties It All Together

Long-gone are the days of paper forms and files. Nowadays, HR can ditch the printer for a more streamlined experience.

Having a digital onboarding process is becoming the norm, but many companies still wind up printing after signature or end up with documentation silo'ed across different areas.  Here's how you can adopt a more paperless strategy to streamline onboarding and file management across the entire HR team. 

Online Workflows

A lot of companies have a solution for getting tax forms and other generic onboarding documents filled out digitally.  Unfortunately, most companies also have additional …

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