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2021 HR File Management Goals: Is Your Company Behind The Times?

COVID-19 presented companies with a multitude of challenges in 2020, exposing process inefficiencies in many areas of business, not the least of which being HR.  Is your HR file management strategy keeping up with the times?

When COVID-19 forced many companies to shutter their physical office space and ask their staff to work from home, it changed the way we all do business.  In today's increasingly digital world, Human Resources teams are sometimes left behind in the technological landscape and this can significantly impact how effective we can be in our roles.  

With a remote workplace now the new norm for many, it begs the question - Is HR keeping up with the times?  One critical component that comes up over …

Optimize Your Digital HR Strategy From Outreach To Exit Interview

Ensure your team has a solid digital HR strategy in place for the remote work environment.

The number of employees working from home has never been higher. With a solid remote HR strategy in place, working from home can be a real game changer for both employees and the organizations they support. When building an online HR strategy it’s important to consider the entire employee lifecycle and make sure each stage has a streamlined digital plan in place.


The very first phase of the employee lifecycle begins with someone finding your open positions. Luckily most companies …

HR Tools For A Successful Work-From-Home Strategy

Working from home when people are your work:  How to update workplace processes for HR professionals. 

Although certainly in the spotlight since the rise of COVID-19, the need for a successful work-from-home strategy has been on the horizon for years - both out of logistical necessity and employee preference.  When managed correctly, remote workers are more productive than their “in office” counterparts while also reporting higher levels of job satisfaction.  It's the ultimate win-win. 

As you think about your own model, don’t forget to use the tools available to keep teams connected and …

Access Personnel Files From Anywhere During The Coronavirus Shutdown

With COVID-19 disrupting business processes across the globe, a secure HR file cloud has become more important than ever.  When there is an urgent need to access crucial personnel documents, is your team prepared?

If personnel files are on paper or just difficult to access from outside of the office, now is the time to prioritize HR's file management strategy.  Here are a few things to consider when it comes to personnel files and remote access for your HR team during the coronavirus shutdown. 

Instant Access

How long does it take to find a specific document for any given employee?  What if you're working from home and unable to be in the office?  It's crucial to know that HR can reach important …

Remote Access to Employee Files for HR Teams During the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic

Is your HR team working remotely due to the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)?  Make sure employee files are accessible while staff are working from outside of the office.

Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic affecting the world, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is urging people to practice "Social Distancing."  

"Many public schools, libraries, universities, places of worship, and sporting and cultural institutions have shut down for at least the next few weeks. These measures are an attempt to enforce distance between people, a proven way to slow pandemics.  Experts have also been urging people to practice voluntary 'social distancing.' …

4 Advantages of a Good Cloud Storage System for Employee Files

Not all cloud storage software is the same.  Choosing a solution that is designed for the complexities of managing employee documentation is key for keeping the HR department running smoothly.  

A good cloud storage solution for personnel files should have a huge positive impact on your HR department, but finding the right product can be tricky.  Below are the 4 “must haves” that top our list of needs for great document storage software:

1: Increased Productivity

Good HR cloud storage software should make your work life run smoothly by giving you the tools you need to support not just the HR department, but the entire company.

Before investing in a new system, be sure to consider …

2020 Solutions for Personnel Forms in the HR Department

Are there still gaps in the HR signature process?  Use these tips to fine tune your 2020 personnel form process and start next year strong. 

Paper forms are still a reality for many professionals in the Human Resources department.  Even if some forms can be completed and signed digitally, there is often an opportunity to streamline the process further.  Here are a few solutions for personnel forms to get your team ready for 2020. 

Custom Templates

One of the most common challenges with your HRIS or Payroll system's "onboarding" module is the limitation on types of forms that can be completed.  Many times you are limited to only …

Updates To Employee Record System Save HR Time

Are your records due for an update? Save the Human Resources team time with an employee record system in the cloud.

It's a good time to think about updating your employee records for next year.  Here are a few things you may be missing in your 2020 HR file management strategy. 

Simplify Record Audits

Keeping employee records up-to-date and compliant can be extremely tedious.  Simplify your record audits with a system that can track required and expiring documentation in employee folders automatically. 

When an auditor requests files, there's no need to waste time manually searching through individual …

Is Your HR File Management Strategy Ready For 2020?

Iron out your HR file management strategy now to start fresh in 2020. Your team will thank you!

Now is a good time to start thinking about your employee files.  Are documents easy to find when you are audited?  Can teams access the files they need from different locations?  Is paper still slowing down your current process?  Time to get your HR file management strategy ready for 2020. 

Compliant Cloud

Not all 'document clouds' are created equal.  Many are simply a storage place that can become a 'virtual junk drawer' instead of an organized, useful system.  This can cause compliance …

HR Document Management Soothes Compliance Concerns for Personnel Forms

With the right HR document management strategy, concerns about personnel form compliance are a thing of the past.

Maintaining compliant employee records is an important part of any organization.  Documentation typically includes onboarding forms, policy acknowledgements, medical information, performance evaluations, credentials, trainings, and more. 

The responsibility of keeping personnel folders compliant usually falls on the shoulders of the human resources team - and it's not an easy job.  However, with the right HR document management strategy, compliance concerns are a thing of the past.  Here are …

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