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Zen & The Art Of The Paperless Office: Striking The Right Balance

By applying the concept of yin and yang to to your document management process, a phased approach can help your business strike the right balance while transitioning to a paperless office.

There’s something rather mystical about the idea of running an organization without the danger of paper cuts covering your hands and disorganized filing cabinets taking up most of your office space. Cutting down on paper in day to day business can seem like a daunting task, but by applying the simple idea of yin and yang, transitioning to a paperless office can actually be extremely simple.

In Chinese philosophy, the concept of "yin and yang", is used to describe how seemingly opposite or …

3 Ways To Auto File Documents: Automatic Filing For The Paperless Office

A scan-to-cloud system can reduce the hassle and cost of managing paper documents with automatic filing.

Let's face it, pushing paper is not most people's idea of a good time. Dealing with paper forms and documents is messy and time consuming. While technology has already helped advance your business in other areas, traditional filing methods can often be the one of the last things to get replaced. This is a huge concern when you think about how much time is spent retrieving a file, locating the document you're looking for, re-organizing the file folder and then re-filing it in the correct …

Electronic File Systems Provide Lightning-Fast Document Retrieval

Switching from traditional paper filing to an electronic filing system ensures highly organized document storage and instant retrieval

Comparing traditional paper stashing methods to an electronic filing system is like carrying around a one-thousand-card Rolodex instead of an address book on your iPad.

Hanging everything on a Rolodex is one way to file your customer index cards, but lose a card or forget to put one back, and you have a microcosmic example of how electronic files run rings around paper. Read on...

The horror history of paper files So what’s your favorite filing method? Case files? By project? By customer? An …

Medical Record Imaging Eases Transition To EMR

Medical Record Imaging can be quick and simple with the right system.

With the implementation of "Meaningful Use" by the US Department of Health and Human Services, medical practices everywhere have been transitioning to new, Electronic Medical Records (EMR) systems in order to be in compliance with the new regulations.

One of the major difficulties physicians face during this transition is the conversion of paper charts and medical records into electronic ones. Luckily, medical record imaging makes the transition process much more manageable for busy medical …

Real Estate Document Management Saves Money and Time

Online real estate document management can make a tremendous impact, saving you money while simplifying your life.

If you work in real estate, you are well aware that managing paperwork has always been a tremendous challenge for real estate agents. Valuable space must be used for filing cabinets full of documents that need to be stored for several years. Online real estate document management can make a tremendous impact, saving you money while simplifying your life.

It has taken a relatively long time for web-based document management to take off in the real estate industry, but the technology is gaining …

I-9 Compliance for Human Resources Departments

The ICE is aggressively auditing businesses to ensure they are compliant with I-9 regulations. Is your HR department prepared in the event of an audit?

The Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is actively auditing businesses to ensure that they are fully compliant with federal regulations code 8 CFR Part 274a which describes the control of unlawful employment. However, they are not just checking to make sure your company is employing legal workers, but also that your hiring process and required documentation is up to date and compliant with federal standards. Non-compliance of these …

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