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91% of Managers are Unhappy with Your Onboarding Process

Did you know that 91% of managers are unhappy with their company's onboarding process? Paperless employee onboarding can help.

Did you know that a recent study by ADP found that only 9% of managers are happy with their organization's onboarding process? That is a dismally low figure from those interacting with your staff on a day-to-day basis. If 91% of managers are unhappy with your onboarding process, just think of how your new-hires feel. The question is, "How can we improve our onboarding process?" The answer may lie with a paperless onboarding solution.

Going paperless improves the onboarding experience.

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3 Tips for Boosting HR Productivity

Keeping HR running smoothly is a serious challenge. Switching to electronic personnel files can help boost productivity in a number of ways.

Human Resource departments are incredibly important to any organization. On any given day, your HR team is working on a variety of responsibilities and dealing with a ton of paperwork. With that much paper-pushing involved, there is a lot of room to make things run smoother. Switching to electronic personnel files can help streamline your existing workflows and save your team serious time and money. Here are 3 simple ways electronic personnel files can help boost productivity across your entire …

57% of Turnover Happens in Under a Year

Did you know that 57% of new-hires that leave their job will do so within their first year? Electronic onboarding can help.

Hiring's a tricky business. There is a delicate balance between getting someone that is perfectly qualified for the position and making sure that person is secure and happy in their new role. This predicament is all too clear in a recent study showing that more than half of new-hires that leave their job will do so within the first year. So, the question becomes, how does the company better retain employees? Or, at the very least, how to make HR as efficient as possible in dealing with turnover? …

HR Loses Nearly 10% of Personnel Files

Did you know that 7.5% of HR files are lost? Making the switch to electronic employee files can help put an end to that.

Managing files is a tricky part of any business. It typically involves a lot of shuffling through filing cabinets, a few paper cuts and sometimes a little bit of pulling your hair out. The root of all evil here is the very thing you are trying to manage: paper. The funny part is that nowadays, there is no reason to keep working with paper. With modern electronic filing systems and advanced scanning automation techniques, businesses can now go paperless faster than they ever thought before. Let' …

Keep Your Important Documents Secure and Out of the Hands of Hackers

Experts advise using a cloud document management solution to keep files secure and off of local drives targeted by ransomware.

Hackers make headlines in America yet again. From recent past attacks on Home Depot, Target, and Sony, to the new breach on Anthem Blue Shield, and Ransomware, they're getting in and getting information one way or another. They're going after files, credit card numbers, social security numbers, emails, phone numbers, entire computers, tax records, income reports, and home addresses. With these new threats, having a secure document management solution in place is key for all businesses.

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Online HR Filing Cabinet Makes Employee File Management Easy

Storing employee files on paper is a thing of the past. An online HR filing cabinet makes managing files easy.

Most Human Resources departments have huge amounts of paperwork and many HR professionals spend a lot of time processing personnel documents. An average personnel file contains more than 40 different records. The moment a prospective employee fills out an application for a job at your company; their employee file begins and continues to grow throughout their career. The volume of files and information for each employee can be overwhelming. Storage and management of personnel documents in paper …

How To Organize Electronic Files with an Indexed Filing System

Keeping your files organized is tough! Here is how to organize electronic files using an indexed filing system.

Changing over to a paperless office can be beneficial for both your business and your clients. Attempting to keep hard copies of business records reduces your ability to keep company and customer data controlled and secured - not to mention the looming threat of those files being lost or destroyed. By having an electronic system that can provide secure storage as well as improve operational efficiency through saving time and space, you can create a positive impact on your bottom line. Record …

City Counsels Embrace Paperless Office To Save Time & Money

Making the move to a paperless office brings a lot of benefits for an organization. Even city counsels are embracing the change!

Transitioning to a paperless office is something that is very appealing to a lot of organizations. Even government entities are starting to embrace it! The city council of Sidney, Ohio has announced that it is going paperless by converting their paper-based system into a full, electronic data management system. Its members will be using tablets and air cards to connect to the internet to replace physical paperwork. The city expects to save a total of approximately $9,350 per year due to their …

Online Onboarding Templates Save HR & New Hires A Ton Of Time

Online onboarding can really improve a hiring process. Take a look at how online onboarding templates can save you a ton of time.

One of the greatest ways to inspire a new employee is by giving them an incredible onboarding experience. The reason for any electronic onboarding program is to welcome them to your place of business, get them "papered up" and assist them in becoming acclimated to their job as effortlessly as possible.

Employees who have received a smooth onboarding process will feel more confident about joining the team on their first day. They feel more connected to their colleagues and to the company itself. …

Paperless Onboarding Gives Time Back To HR

HR generates and manages a ton of paperwork. A paperless employee onboarding process significantly reduces paper and increases efficiency across the entire department.

Traditionally, HR has been a department that generates and stores an enormous amount of paper.  Between hiring, firing, training, and managing employees – and retaining documentation on all of the above – HR has had an ever-increasing amount of paper work to deal with. But advances in technology have enabled easier and more reliable ways to capture and retain the needed documentation. One of the areas that can most benefit from a paperless system is your onboarding process.

Having a formal …

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