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Secure File Sharing for Business: The Importance of Passwords, Encryption and Limiting Access

Secure file sharing is a critical part of today's business world. Sharing files over the internet without proper protection can land your business in hot water. Here are some tools to ensure your information is secure in transit.

Secure file sharing for business should involve a number of best practices that might sound overwhelming to manage at first. Regardless, in a time when more companies are starting to use digital scanning to go paperless, the ability to share those files through the cloud needs plenty of security scrutiny. It doesn't have to be daunting if you spend a little extra time implementing some ways to assure no prying eyes see your private documents.

Encryption And Password Protection
These security methods should always be used when sharing business files. It's standard practice for us here at DynaFile, but we know that not all file sharing programs guarantee encryption. It's important that you always check to make sure the best encryption methods are being utilized while you're sharing a private document over the internet.

Likewise, you should always have password protection set up for those accessing documents. This can assure that those in the company you don't want accessing your data won't have easy ways of tapping into the system. Regardless, be careful with your passwords and don't have them written down on pieces of paper around your office. They can be picked up by other employees or even unwanted visitors who could again access to your network.

Maintaining User Logs
Keeping a user log on your file sharing system is one of the best things you can do to keep track of who's accessing those files. It's basically a digital diary that can assure the people you want gaining file access are doing so and not someone unauthorized. If you see a name there you don't recognize, you can quickly take action to ensure they won't get in again. When it comes to critical documents that mean the well-being of your company, this an important thing to check.

Limiting Access
As an extension of the above security tactic, limiting who actually sees your files needs to be taken seriously. There could be a variety of reasons why you don't want some employees to access certain sensitive documents. In some cases, you may only want your IT department to be able to access particular files rather than anyone else.

It works the same way for those viewing those documents from afar. Some document management systems like DynaFile allow you to specify who can gain access to certain files and who can't. You can even control their access level. For example, Sales Reps can view sales contracts, edit email correspondences, but performance reviews are unavailable to them. Being able to share documents through cloud collaboration makes partnerships much easier. Nevertheless, you have to make sure that the right people tap into your files when those people could be on the other side of the planet.

While you are making sure your information security is up to date, take a look at DynaFile. Our cloud document management software is a highly secure solution for sharing and collaborating on files online. Contact us today to learn more.

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