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Secure File Sharing For Business Prevents Breaches

Secure file sharing should be a crucial element of your organization's workflow. The importance of restricting the access of sensitive information to only authorized parties cannot be understated. Here are some tips on how to keep your business-critical information safe in transit.

Your business probably already utilizes some of today’s popular cloud technologies. Whether its for storing and accessing data or for easier collaboration, cloud applications are becoming the norm. They provide 24x7 secure remote access and more efficient backup and recovery - all with less maintenance than in-house systems.

But while your project teams are enjoying the advantages of collaborating on reports and having forms filled and signed quicker online, you have to wonder - are these items truly secure from prying eyes? Secure file sharing for business is an essential aspect of cloud computing and must be addressed before allowing the exchange of sensitive data via the cloud. To ensure that sensitive business information is not leaked to the wrong party, companies need to consider the following:

File encryption. Encrypting files in transit provides an effective defense from unauthorized access. Email is not a secure method of file transfer and should be treated with care. An even better way to send business-critical information is by using encrypted document links.

Control of rights. The ability to grant as well as rescind rights to accounts, folders, and files must be limited to IT administrators or department heads. When an employee leaves the company, the administrator must ensure that their access to confidential files is denied.

File audits. Maintaining user logs that document which files and folders users have accessed will ensure that only authorized personnel are accessing only what they need to.  

Keep authorized external users in mind. With remote teams, multiple business partners and consultants often in the mix, access should be granted to them when appropriate. This ensures that these parties cannot access data which could otherwise jeopardize security.

Following these simple guidelines can be the best defense to ensure that file sharing is granted to only those who are authorized. DynaFile offers cloud-based document management solutions to ensure your data is safe from intrusions. We provide a simple, secure way to do business better online. Encrypted document links, sophisticated document control, full audit reports and document portals for external users are all standard DynaFile features. Contact us today for more information and a free trial of our secure file sharing tools.

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