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Paperless HR: Work Smarter Not Harder

Did you know? U.S. companies spend an estimated $8 billion per year managing paper. It's time to bring that number down!

Going paperless in your Human Resources department has gotten easier than ever. With the growing popularity of scanning automation tools like barcode recognition and batch processing, the transition to a paperless office can be achieved rather quickly. Scan-to-cloud solutions offer the most benefits as they do not require in-house installations, maintenance or upgrades. Plus, since they're stored in the cloud, employee files can be access securely from anywhere, at any time. We all want to be able to work smarter, not harder. Here's how a paperless HR department can benefit your organization.

Save Time
Keeping paper files organized can be a nightmare and dealing with them a very time consuming process. Retrieving a document from the filing cabinet can take much longer than anticipated due to misfiling, compliance concerns, multiple office locations, etc. Additionally, trying to distribute documents in paper format can be a true challenge. How do you send sensitive information like PHI? How do forms like onboarding packets that need to be filled out and signed get processed in a timely fashion? This all leads to a significant drop in productivity across the department. 

Paperless systems typically store your files by indexing. Document indexing categorizes your files by things like:

  • Which employee does this document relate to?
  • What kind of document is it?

This allows you to pull up exactly what you're looking for instantly. Want to see all of John Doe's performance reviews from the past 2 years? Simply enter John's name, select "performance review" as the Document Type and limit the date range. Want to bring up I-9's for all employees? Just leave the Name field blank and select "I-9" as the Document Type. 

Indexing is also the key to being able to consolidate employee folders without sacrificing compliance. Simply attach access permissions to specific Document Types. You can create groups of users that have access to these specific document types. Employees without access will not even be able to view the folder, let alone the documents contained within. Sure beats having 3 - 5 separate folders per employee!

A scan-to-cloud system also opens the door to a new paperless process for getting onboarding packets and other documents completed and signed. Online forms and esignatures can now be used to capture information and then have employees legally sign off on it without printing a single sheet of paper. Encrypted document links are used to share this information securely. So, instead of attaching the documents to your email, you include a secure link to the documents so that they never even leave your paperless system.

Save Money
Did you know? "U.S. companies spend an estimated $8 billion per year managing paper." The time savings provided by a paperless system translate into real dollars and cents when you think of the increase in productivity. For example, your HR department can save a ton of time and money just by going paperless. However, this doesn't even begin to scratch the surface. 

You must also take into account how much money you will save on things like:

  • Reams of paper
  • Printer and copier ink / toner
  • Printer and copier maintenance
  • Filing cabinets
  • Office storage space
  • Postage
  • Etc

These expenses can really add up! When you think about how much documentation is required for each employee, a paperless system really begins to make a lot of sense for HR. It's hard to put a price on an increase in efficiency, but when you're able to save the company money and boost productivity, going paperless becomes a no-brainer.

DynaFile is a scan-to-cloud solution that lets Human Resources departments go paperless fast. Scanning automation tools convert your current paper files to electronic format quickly. From there, you can easily access your employee files 24x7 from anywhere, onboard new hires completely digitally, distribute documents quickly and securely, and so much more. For information and a free demo, contact us today!

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