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Paperless HR: Onboarding Software "Papers Up" New Hires Digitally

Bringing in a new employee generates A LOT of paperwork! Many organizations are now reviewing paperless onboarding solutions to help ease the pain.

Onboarding is tough on HR and new employees. There is a lot of information to review, fill out and sign which can be stressful to a new hire.. Not to mention your HR employee who gets to review, approve and file all of those documents away. Companies have been looking towards paperless onboarding for some time now to help make the process easier for both parties. 

How does HR go paperless?
Before your department can start implementing a paperless onboarding process, you need to put an electronic filing system into place. If you're currently using a paper-based filing system to store employee files, look for document management solutions that include scanning automation features to help you go paperless fast. Popular choices are "scan to cloud" solutions. These combine scanning automation with a cloud document management system. 

How does paperless onboarding work?
Now that you've got your electronic employee file system set up, it's time to add the paperless onboarding piece. How it works is simple.. Electronic signature providers like DocuSign integrate with your document management system to allow for online forms and legally binding esignatures. New employees can complete all of their onboarding paperwork online before their first day on the job.

Can you walk me through the process?
Sure! Depending on the solution you choose, this process will vary, but here's how DynaFile does it..

  1. HR stores their onboarding packets in DynaFile
  2. When a new employee is hired, HR enters their name and email address and selects the appropriate onboarding packet
  3. The new employee receives a secure, encrypted link to their onboarding documents
  4. The new hire can review all information, complete forms and sign everything online from home
  5. HR can track employee onboarding progress as it happens
  6. Once completed, a new employee folder is automatically created in DynaFile, all onboarding documents are automatically filed within it and HR is notified to review and approve everything

It's as simple as that! Kind of beats the old pen and paper way, right? Now when your new employee arrives for their first day of work, they can hit the ground running without the added stress of filling out a mountain of paperwork first. And, HR can concentrate on more effective, face-to-face onboarding techniques instead of worrying about getting their new employee papered up.

Want to learn more about paperless onboarding? Contact us today! DynaFile has been helping companies go paperless for over a decade with our simple, efficient and cost-effective HR solution.

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