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Paperless Filing For HR Helps Companies Cut Costs & Boost Efficiency

Human Resources doesn't have to be the "tree killing department". Paperless filing for HR is helping companies cut costs and boost efficiency.

Human Resources typically goes through a ton of paper. With all of the paperwork generated for hiring and onboarding new employees, it's no wonder that sometimes administrative tasks grind to a halt. Today, things are changing. With the growing popularity of paperless systems, HR departments can now streamline document processing and become more efficient without driving up costs.

Paperless filing for HR just makes sense. You see, paper-based systems are costly in a lot of ways. First, there's the inventory of paper, ink, filing cabinets, printers, copiers, postage, etc. However, even more costly is the time spent by HR employees dealing paper. When everything is in paper format, simple administrative tasks can wind up taking way longer than they should.

Things like:

  • Printing files
  • Copying documents
  • Keeping folders organized
  • Getting forms filled and signed
  • Finding and retrieving documents
  • Transporting and distributing files

Time costs money and paperwork takes a lot of time. Each piece of paperwork is handled multiple times by multiple people, increasing processing time as it is passed down through the workflow. Plus, just think of the hours wasted trying to find an important document when paper is misfiled due to human error. How much of that paper and the associated cost is really necessary with today's technology?

A paperless filing system helps streamline HR.
With today's technology, paperless filing systems can help your Human Resources department work smarter, not harder. The administrative tasks that would normally drain HR employees of their productivity can now be done in just a fraction of the time with paperless systems. Additionally, electronic records have a tiny real estate footprint compared to all of those bulky filing cabinets and file boxes that must be legally retained for years to stay compliant. Paper storage is expensive and often makes access to records inconvenient. Electronic records stored with paperless systems are easy to access securely, hard to lose and cost much less to maintain.

Paperless systems are highly secure.
Since employee information is highly sensitive and confidential, HR records need to be managed with care. While it is true that records maintenance for legal compliance is important, those records do not have to be stored as a hardcopy any longer. Today's computer technology actually makes electronic records as safe as, if not safer than, hardcopy paperwork floating around. Storing employee information in electronic format is being embraced these days. Files can be password protected, access to specific sections can be controlled and the entire system can be backed up automatically. This all makes paperless filing systems a great options for HR.

Paperless onboarding can drastically improve orientation.
Moving away from a traditionally paper-heavy process like employee onboarding can save your team valuable time. For example, Catherine Flemming, Director of Healthcare Recruiting at a nonprofit, revealed to HRBartender that making the switch to paperless onboarding, "streamlined their hiring process, reduced paper filing and manual recordkeeping and improved efficiency. 'We can share candidate information between different locations now, and attach notes to each applicant as they move through the hiring process. We've increased the speed of communication within the organization.'" 

Another area that paperless onboarding has impacted is new hire training and orientation. Most employers have training requirements that have to be completed and signed off on when a new hire comes aboard. This generates still more paperwork, but when effective software is introduced, training can also become a completely paperless process. The trainings themselves can be done digitally, scores can be recorded directly to an employee's electronic folder and acknowledgements can be completed and signed online.

Paperless filing is a real win for HR. It saves time, money and frustration - results you can see for yourself. To learn more about taking your department paperless, contact us at DynaFile today. Our paperless filing system has been helping Human Resource departments operate more efficiently for 15 years. We give you the right tools to make an easy transition and ability to implement a system that will stand the test of time. Give us a call today for a free demo!

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