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Paperless Employee Files: A Safer Way To Handle Protected Information

Storing employee files in paper format can cause your organization serious problems. By switching to a paperless employee filing solution you can eliminate risk and the recursive costs of paper filing - all at the same time.

Business is becoming more and more digital every day. As your organization looks for new technologies to help improve current processes, it's important to choose solutions that will bring true value to your company. For businesses still using traditional filing methods to store protected information like employee files, a paperless solution should be at the top of the list.

Traditional Filing
Traditionally, employee documents are organized in manila file folders, which are then alphabetized in large metal filing cabinets. An employee file may include all information pertaining to that worker, but quite often these files are split between departments to restrict access to specific sections. For example, performance reviews may only be accessible to managers, but payroll has a separate file for time sheets, benefits and tax information. Having this information spread out between different areas of your organization can become a disaster in the event of an audit.

Paper Problems
The trouble with paper is that it is just another "thing" that needs to be kept organized. In a busy workplace, this can be a real challenge. How long does it take you to find Jim Johnson's performance evaluation from 2010? Do you know when Sally Smith's W-2 is expiring? With a paper filing system, you need to physically go and rummage through your filing cabinet to find these answers. Now, imagine trying to get all of the required documentation together in the event of an audit. What a nightmare!

The Paperless Solution
Luckily, now there are paperless employee filing solutions. This is a great to easily manage personnel records. Each employee receives their own electronic file that includes all information pertaining to them. The file can be split into sections that are accessible only to specific departments or areas of business. Automatic alerts can be set for expiring documents and upcoming events so HR is always a step ahead. Plus, retrieving information is instantaneous by using simple search features. Now since all of your employee information is securely stored in the same location, creating reports on the fly for audit purposes can be done in just a few clicks.

How To Go Paperless
Now you may be reading this and thinking about the room full of enormous, heavy filing cabinets in your office. "How can I go paperless? This is a big job!" Well, fret not because that is where we come in. DynaFile offers a complete paperless employee filing solution. By offering automated document conversion for your paper files, you can actually convert an entire employee file to digital format in just a few seconds. Your employee files are stored in a secure online filing cabinet with redundant backup and customizable document control for user access restrictions. DynaFile also provides an end-to-end paperless onboarding solution by integrating with DocuSign for applications, legal forms and electronic signatures.

To learn more about paperless filing for your HR department, contact us today for a free consultation. 

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