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Online HR Software: Employee File Management on a Whole New Level

Online HR software can help your company significantly reduce paper and increase efficiency. See how countless other businesses are making the jump to the cloud.

Going paperless is a smart solution for any company’s busy HR department. The addition of online hr software can help streamline your organization in a big way. Suddenly, storing, retrieving and managing employee files becomes easier than you ever thought possible. If you're ready to simplify document processing in your HR department, get ready to join countless other businesses by making the great choice to go paperless.

The initial decision to go paperless may be difficult for HR directors due to the fear of possible security breaches, but online hr software is actually highly-secure - more secure, in fact than most paper-based filing systems or network file shares. Plus, the pros of saying goodbye to massive piles of paper make switching to online hr software all too promising.

Simplifying Life in Your HR Department
Life has never been easier for HR employees thanks to the many benefits of online HR software. Let’s face it… no one really likes to deal with paperwork. It's hard to find anyone that actually enjoys the task of sifting through piles of paperwork, ripping apart filing cabinets and destroying file rooms in an attempt to find that one important file. For this reason, many businesses prefer to simplify the task of record management, allowing employees more time to do other, more important tasks.

Online HR Software Stores Your Electronic Employee Files

Online HR software like DynaFile allows businesses to store, retrieve and manage employee files much quicker and easier than before. Now Human Resource personnel can access employee files instantly from anywhere, at any time. Security features give HR admins complete control over who can access what information. For example, HR managers may be able to view Performance Reviews and Attendance Records, but not PHI or Benefits Information. In the same way, you can even create an employee self-service portal where staff can login to complete acknowledgements, access new benefits info, update address and more. With online HR software, you get instant access to employee files, yet retain complete control over the security of that information.

Some of the Key Benefits of Online HR Software
Here are just a few of the many benefits that online HR software can provide for your organization:

  • Keep employee files highly organized with very little effort from HR.
  • Consolidate employee information from paper files, email, HRIS and more.
  • Easy management of documentation for all personnel - from new hires to terminated employees.
  • Receive alerts for expiring forms and other documentation that needs to be updated periodically.
  • Instant access to important documents such as new hire forms, applications, training materials, and other important HR documents.
  • Efficient and accurate archiving and record retention.
  • Increased security around the access, storage and retention of all employee documentation.
  • Easily integrated into any company’s HR department.

Living in a digital age, we continue to evolve through our reliance on digital technology and the latest-and-greatest gadgets. Integrating online HR software into your company is just another step towards further evolution. To request information on adding online hr software to your company, contact us today! DynaFile is an online HR software that lets your department go paperless fast, then easily manage all of your employee files from the cloud. 

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