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Online Forms & eSignatures Give HR Paperless Onboarding Solution

Companies waste a lot of time getting new employees "papered up". Now HR can significantly reduce that time by utilizing online forms and esignatures for paperless onboarding.

Hiring a new employee entails a ton of paperwork. Tax forms, acknowledgements, agreements - along with various other documentation must all be reviewed and filled out by your new hire before they officially join the team. This can create quite the headache for employees in your Human Resources department. 

A traditional employee onboarding process - and one that many companies still use today - requires a lot of printing, copying, scanning, faxing and pen-to-paper form filling. This process is costly, time consuming and incredibly inefficient. For this reason, more and more companies are moving towards a paperless employee onboarding process to help streamline the hiring process.

The paper problem.
The problem with paper is that it is inherently difficult to manage. Shuffling through stacks of documents is time consuming and inefficient. Plus, when you think about the time it takes to properly file those documents or try to retrieve them, HR employees may be spending a large portion of their day doing redundant administrative tasks that don't really benefit the company. 

The paperless solution.
Paperless onboarding is a great way for companies to significantly increase efficiency while simultaneously reducing their impact on the environment. When tied to an electronic employee file system, HR can nearly eliminate all of the paper they traditionally produced internally. Here's how it works...

How paperless onboarding works.
HR uses an electronic employee file system like DynaFile to store employee-related documents. This system ties in to your existing HRIS, ATS and payroll systems to keep a record of all of your employee documentation that would normally get printed off and stored in an employee's manila file folder.

HR also uses a electronic signature provider like DocuSign to get forms completed and signed online. All of your onboarding forms that used to be in paper format are converted to digital versions that can be reused time and time again without ever printing, copying, scanning or faxing. Here's a quick run-through of how paperless onboarding works with the DynaFile / DocuSign solution...

  1. HR selects appropriate packet of onboarding documents from DynaFile
  2. ​HR enters new employee's name and email address
  3. New employee receives email with secure link to onboarding packet
  4. New employee reviews, completes, adds attachments and signs all paperwork
  5. Onboarding packet is routed to Hiring Manager, Payroll, etc for review and finalization
  6. Once HR signs off on the onboarding packet:
    • The new employee's folder is automatically created in DynaFile
    • All of the documents from their onboarding packet are automatically filed within it

It doesn't get much easier than that! Imagine how much time your HR staff can save with this process. Plus, since you're not creating any paper in the first place, all of your employee documentation is now easily retrieved from your electronic filing system.

If you would like to learn more about going paperless in your HR department, contact us today. DynaFile has been helping companies go paperless for 15 years with our employee file solution. 

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