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Online Document Storage System Lets Business Go Paperless

An organized filing system is critical to any business. Online document storage systems provide an easier way to keep documents in order.

In this ever-developing digital age, it is important to improve your business's methods of file storage and organization. Utilizing an online document storage system is an easy way to keep files in order. It also saves a ton of time when filing and accessing documents.

Here are some of the ways online document management software can help your company improve efficiency:

  • Scan and Store: Digitally capture your paperwork with scan to cloud features. Scan to cloud software lets you automate the process of converting paper files to electronic documents. One way is to use barcode cover pages to separate your file into sections. The cover pages are inserted before each section to split your file into categories. As your file is scanned, the system will read the barcodes and automatically categorize and file the documents within each section.

  • Share: Share your documents using encrypted links to eliminate oversized email attachments and add security. You have complete control over how long the document will be available, who is able to access the file and what modifications can be made to it. Changes and version updates are also easy to monitor. This makes real time collaboration possible from anywhere.

  • Retrieve: Once your documents are in the system, you can access them anytime, anywhere from the cloud. A simple search gives you instant access to the information you need most​. Time spent sorting through papers by hand is a thing of the past. To find a document you are able to browse for it or use a combination of multi-index filtering, date filtering, and textual based searching to find exactly what you need fast.

Using a paperless system boosts productivity and increases efficiency throughout the entire organization. DynaFile has been helping companies go paperless for over a decade. Our system is flexible enough to be tailored to departments and businesses in any industry. Contact us today for more information.

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