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Online Document Management Reduces Paper & Increases Efficiency

It's time to finally get organized. Online document management can help your company reduce paper and increase efficiency across the entire organization.

The life of a paper document begins at the lumber mill chipper and ends in the office shredder. In the meantime, it lies dormant and infrequently accessed in a file folder (another paper and plastic product) and in an expensive file cabinet.

Nowadays a new four-drawer commercial file cabinet could cost as much as $200 and occupy premium office and storage space, while contributing nothing more than “auxiliary standby” services to the operation of an organization. Multiply that cost five-fold if you need more secure storage.

The document served some original purpose - either major or minor. In regards to storing and archiving it, however, each piece of paper costs the same - and even looks the same - in its shredded state. Of course a lost or misfiled document in terms of headaches and problems costs much more.

Why not completely level the playing field and convert your paper operation to online document management? You might even be able to divert some of the lumber destined for the paper mill to making a nice piece of comfortable office furniture. Today’s digital technology can scan entire file folders directly into the computer application and file them automatically. Modern barcode recognition reduces the once-daunting task of mass scanning to a quick-index process.

When your documents are scanned and you have scrapped those clunky old file cabinets and built an employee’s lounge with the cleared space (take a bow!), you now have a secure, organized and instantly retrievable online document management system that safeguards every document and allows for instant, secure access.

As your business grows and your paperless office takes its place in the company culture, a new collaboration process in creating new documents takes root - no trees required, of course.

Need to have your legal beagles sniff out due diligence issues in a contract while your wordsmiths un-split those infinitives? Also, what about version control or floating comments from other interested constituencies in your organization?

The solutions to lies with online document management. To learn more, contact us for a free consultation on how to get your business headed towards paperless.

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