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I-9 Compliance for Human Resources Departments

The ICE is aggressively auditing businesses to ensure they are compliant with I-9 regulations. Is your HR department prepared in the event of an audit?

The Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is actively auditing businesses to ensure that they are fully compliant with federal regulations code 8 CFR Part 274a which describes the control of unlawful employment. However, they are not just checking to make sure your company is employing legal workers, but also that your hiring process and required documentation is up to date and compliant with federal standards. Non-compliance of these requirements can result in fines of over $1,000 per employee – this can add up fast. An online document management system can help your HR department to run smoothly and maintain I-9 compliance.

I-9 Compliance Checklist

In order to attain compliance and be prepared in the event that your organization is audited you should:

  • Confirm that I-9 forms are submitted properly and accurately for all new hires
  • Make sure that all new employees fill out section 1 on or before their first day of work
  • Accept only original documents to prove employment eligibility
  • Retain copies of the original documentation used to prove employment eligibility
  • Store I-9 forms separately from other HR files
  • Review I-9 forms and have the editor date and initial any corrections made
  • Be sure that all requested information can be collated and submitted to the ICE within 72 hours

Simplify the Process by Keeping Files Organized & Accessible

A simple, yet effective electronic document management system for your HR department can help your company easily achieve and maintain compliance with these regulations. A qualified system should include:

  • Status tracking of I-9 forms for completion and updates
  • A secure way to include I-9 forms in new hire packages that can be delivered, completed and received via the web before the new employee’s first day of work
  • A filing system that allows for paper documents to be scanned directly into the appropriate location in the system
  • The ability to append supporting documentation to the end of the I-9 form
  • Review and annotation tools that allow editors to make dated and signed revisions without changing the original content of the document
  • A method of tagging documents in order to associate them with other employee information
  • Filtered search options to instantly pull up exactly which forms and supporting documents are required in the event of an audit

DynaFile provides a secure online document management solution for HR departments that makes it easy to do all of this and more. Contact us today for a free demo!

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