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HR Document Management System Keeps Digital Employee Files Organized

Keeping personnel records organized is no easy task. A Human Resources document management system can help ensure your digital employee files are orderly and accessible.

There's nothing worse than losing an employee file. They contain loads of confidential information which can cause big problems if they are obtained by the wrong individual. That's why many companies are now implementing a digital method of storing their employee files. A human resources document management system is like an electronic filing cabinet, but with a lot of helpful features added. It keeps your digital employee files stored in a highly organized fashion and allows you to retrieve any document you need with extreme efficiency. Best of all, strict security is built directly into most systems, allowing for a safer file storage technique.

HRIS and HR Document Management System
Most organizations utilize a Human Resources Information System (HRIS) to keep track of important employee data. Some HRIS include a document management module, but many do not. There are still a great number of businesses that store their employee files in paper format. The reason being:

  • HRIS does not include a document management module
  • HRIS document management module is not user friendly
  • There's no quick and easy way to convert paper to digital employee files

HR Document Management System Adds Scanning Automation
Most of these paper-pushers want to take their department paperless, but just don't have the right tools. Scanning Automation technology has grown increasingly popular lately due to the ease of converting back files (like employee files) to digital format. A standard HRIS does not include scanning automation features, but some HR document management systems do. The beauty of these features is that you cut out a great number of steps when converting paper files to digital.

Normally, you would scan in a bunch of documents, split them apart into separate documents on the computer, name each one precisely and save it in the proper location on the drive. Not only is this process slow, but there's a lot of room for error. What if proper naming conventions weren't followed perfectly or the file was saved in the wrong folder? It could be a huge mess to find and correct the mistake. HR document management systems with scanning automation allow you scan an entire employee file into the system and file it automatically. As the file is scanned, it is indexed with metadata properties. These properties are used to automatically file your employee documents as they are scanned. With this method, you can convert an entire employee file to digital format and file it in the correct location in about 2 minutes.

Human Resources Can Manage Employee Documents More Securely
Now that your employee files are in digital format, they can be stored with a high level of security. HR document management systems index your employee documents as mentioned above. This indexing information categorizes documents into different Document Types (among other things). HR admins can use these Document Types to control access to specific kinds of documents. Access restrictions / permissions can be applied to groups of users so that you can actually consolidate your various employee files into one comprehensive file per employee. By controlling access to specific types of documents and applying it to specific groups of users, employees that sign into the system will only ever see the documents they are authorized to see.

Retrieving Digital Employee Files is Fast and Easy
The indexing information (like Document Types) can also be used to quickly and easily retrieve employee documents. For example, instead of digging down through a number of folders to find John Doe's I-9 form, simply enter his name and select "I-9" as the document type. Or, if you need to quickly run an I-9 audit report, simply leave the name fields blank and the system will retrieve ALL I-9 forms for all employees. You can also limit the date range and cross-reference indexing information in any number of ways to filter a search and have instant access to the employee documents you need.

See For Yourself
DynaFile is scan to cloud document management software. It combines a human resources document management system with scanning automation features to help HR go paperless fast, and then easily manage their employee files digitally. We've been helping companies transition away from paper filing systems and towards digital document management for over a decade. If you would like more information on implementing an HR document management system at your organization, contact us today for a free consultation and a live web demo.

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