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HR Tech: Employee Onboarding Best Practices

Looking for a way to streamline your onboarding process? Combine these technology best practices to save time, money and frustration.

Every company has their own style when it comes to managing employees and the onboarding process is no different. There is a lot that goes into preparing a new hire and each business will handle this differently. However, when it comes to the technology involved in getting that fresh talent signed up, trained and ready to work, there are a few best practices for employee onboarding that can be used to ensure a smooth transition to the new work environment.

Paperless Onboarding
Hiring a new employee generates a TON of paperwork. By going paperless, this process becomes cheaper, faster and more efficient. New hires can now be sent all onboarding forms electronically to be completed, legally signed and returned before day 1. This frees up a large chunk of time usually wasted on just filling out legal forms. Best of all, a good paperless system will be able to send out automatic alerts for expiring forms, upcoming evaluations, etc.

Training Cloud
Training materials a little disorganized? Not sure when that document was created or if there is a newer version yet? Start using cloud document management to keep your training materials highly organized and accessible from anywhere. A good cloud system will enable you to track modification dates, previous versions and even collaborate on documents directly from your web browser. Best of all, training materials can be made accessible to new hires via the web so they can run through the manual before they ever step foot in the office.

Online Employee Files
You are not limited to storing just your training materials in the cloud. All of your employee files can also be stored securely in an online filing cabinet. Good systems will be industry compliant with rigid document control allowing you to assign access permissions to specific users (or groups), for specific areas of files. For example, employees may be able to view their insurance information, but not their performance reviews. A compliant system will also include an audit trail to keep track of all activity in the system in the event of an audit.

The Solution
All of these best practices sound enticing, but they really show their value when combined. DynaFile provides a comprehensive employee filing solution that saves HR time and money while transitioning to a paperless office. Paperless onboarding forms can be filled, signed and automatically routed back to the employee's online file before they arrive for their first day of work. Automated alerts are sent in advance for expiring forms so there is no missed deadlines.

Training managers are able to keep highly organized materials that can be collaborated on via the internet and the system will automatically maintain a version history of all documents created or modified. Training materials can be sent out via encrypted document links or an entire folder can be made available to specific users via document portal.

With rigid document control, each section of the employee file can be accessible to only those with authorization. Payroll, benefits and managers can all have access to what they need, when they need it, but nothing more. Finally, DynaFile is one of the few cloud solutions that helps you quickly transition to paperless. We provide scanning automation features that allow for the conversion of an entire paper employee file to digital in just a few seconds. 

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By combining the above best practices into a comprehensive solution, you can streamline HR and save money at the same time. Contact us today for a free consultation. 

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