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HR Filing System Ties It All Together

A cloud HR filing system can help Human Resource departments tie together ATS, HRIS and HRM like never before.

Most HR departments already use a Human Resources Information System (HRIS) along with an Applicant Tracking System (ATS). However, a surprising number of organizations still rely on a paper-based system for storing employee files. Unfortunately, this does not allow HR to take full advantage of the benefits that these systems provide. A cloud-based HR filing system can help tie it all together.

The employee file gap
Recruiters in your organization probably use an ATS like Taleo or Bamboo to keep track of talent management. Applicants can be scored and their data can be assessed with this useful software before making the final decision to hire. Once the applicant accepts your offer, things can get a little hazy in the form of documentation. Each organization handles things differently, but many create an employee profile in their HRIS and then print out pertinent information to store in the paper file for the new employee. Unfortunately, this can lead to all sorts of issues. Lost documents, disorganized files and incomplete records are a common occurrence in this scenario.

Enter: electronic employee files
Electronic employee files offer incredible benefits over paper format. Files are stored by indexing, nearly eliminating misfiled documents and making document retrieval instantaneous. A more granular level of security can be implemented by enforcing exactly which users can access which documents (this can be applied to specific types of documents as well - like PHI, for example). Also, documents can be shared securely online for easy collaboration.

HR filing system glues it all together
By adding a cloud-based HR filing system to your existing infrastructure, your organization can fill in the gaps left by your existing systems. By taking your employee files paperless and managing them in the cloud, you release the potential to take advantage of improved workflows and automation between systems.

For example, your ATS can link directly to your employee filing system to help streamline onboarding. Once new hires have completed and signed their onboarding documents, they can be automatically filed in their electronic employee file instead of printing everything out and storing it in paper format. 

Or, employees can update their profile in your HRIS, for example, their last name after getting married. When that happens, the name on their employee file will change and all of their documents in the employee file system will be automatically updated with their new last name.

The list of possibilities goes on and on. Depending on how extensively you use your ATS, your department may even be able to simply replace it with online forms and esignatures from providers like DocuSign. Integrated with a cloud-based HR filing system, it provides the same level of onboarding automation for employees, but without the expensive scoring matrices.

If you would like to learn more about going paperless with your employee files, contact us today. DynaFile is a scan to cloud employee file system that lets HR go paperless fast, and then manage employee files securely online. We have been helping companies fill in the gap with electronic employee files for over a decade. Give us a call today to request a demo and see DynaFile in action.


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